November 19, 2007

Why Mike Deletes Me

Random order -

1) The defense mechanisms of most posters will not allow themselves to deal with the severity of one of their own sodomizing his own son. It just couldn't happen.

2.) They cannot see the Socratic irony in the 17 years of Adrian Rogers' ignorance of Paul Williams' sin. Reasonable people see it.

3.) Mike's refusal to respond to Dr. James White's refutations of Adrian Rogers' Arminianism in his Romans 8 and 9 sermons.

4.) Mike's refusal to respond to Charles Stanley's statement concerning eternal security and explain AR's response to it.

5.) Mike's refusal to respond to the charge that the conservative resurgance was actually AR's push for evangelism and mega-ministries against moderate opposing views.

6.) Mike's lack of defense of my saying that AR was an inconsistent Arminian. He never produced the anology to end all anologies against Calvinism and Arminianism.

7.) Mike's experience at stage productions and media editing aquainted him with AR's Achilles' heel, style over substance and form over function. AR's knowledgeable peers knew it and kept a pragmatic silence better suit for the SBC.

8.) Mike knows that an opponent can be silenced by focusing on style rather than substance.

9.) Mike like AR is a purist and confuses purism with Christ-likeness. Thru Biblicism Mike forces others to conform to his piety at the cost of Christ-likeness.

Nice language often obscures the truth while coaser foreign or or altered styles claries and reveals. The Bible often uses foreign and altered languages to communicate or hide the truth.
The truths you hear are the truths God wants you to hear.

This does not condone filthy or jestful talking, neither does it hinder the plain and obvious truth. American english lacks this understanding.

This is why a sodomizer is offically called by Bellevue investigators "moral failure". When you ask a urbanite for a description of a sodomizer, you won't get an answer because he probally doesn't know what it is. When you explain as best as you can he replies with offensive language that shocks you but better communicates the explanation.

This is the reason Christians can't communicate outside the church building. When he communicates plainly he sins against his purism.

Deliversance from purism is harder than deliverance from actual sin. The purist rarely converts. Hew remains stiffnecked and unmovable. He will lack substance while mastering style and pure language thru strict self-discipline.

This is why christ could cast out the demons out of the Gaderene but could do few works of deliverance in Judea. He could work in Sammaria and Galilee but the closer he was to Jerusalem the harder it was! Eventually Judean princes at Jerusalem through wickedness captured and crucified him.


Anonymous said...

Please be sane and don't haunt me for answering your question from the Bblog.......
I wish you really cared about the PW 's issue but my gut is that you don't at all.

My answer...No.

WatchingHISstory said...


Thanks for your response. I do care about the damage that has been done to the witness of the Body of Christ and the irrepairable damage. I care about the damage done to his son and the hurdles he has had to overcome.