September 29, 2008

An Interesting Conspiracy

Anonymous said on The Cakes Report Sept 26, 10:53 PM: "I choose this method to bait this little man. I justed picked up where you (OC) left off and NASS thought I was not going to say anything. In fact NASS if you read this, you and I spoke around 3 pm this afternoon as I was driving back from Knoxville. Please keep my identify quite for a few more days. I have one more to flush out. I did not let her know what I was doing because I did not want her to think less of me cause I knew I had to cross lines that most conventional Christians would not go. Enough of turn the other cheek. And NASS you ROCK.

These Christians are upset that I used graphic language to try to explain to them that Paul Williams sodomized his own son. Bellevue washed the sodomy with legal speak, "moral failure". It seems to me that Baptist can't deal with the truth that one of their own working closely with Adrian Rogers sodomized his own son. They say, "how can you know?" Well, duh!! egregious, perverse, sexual activity does not mean father was kissing his son in bed. Then they say if Chris wants this to be told then he should tell it himself. Seems they don't want it told!

This was my comment that got them angry: "David Brown, CAKES and Chris Williams, None of you are homosexuals. GMOMMY is leaving the impression that you are. That didn't come from me but is a product of her own making. There exist in her mind that she can have me saying that you are all gay and thus discredit me.Listen, everyone who has the capability to think rationally.This is a woman whose own victimhood is affecting her thinking. Her logic is a dismal failure!She says: "Only an very ignorant person would declare a victim of abuse a pervert!"This issued from her own irrational mind!She said: "YOU may be a homosexual pervert because you get off on the graphic details...but YOU don't decide who else is a homosexual!!!"She can say that I maybe a homosexual pervert..that is ok for her to say but she turns around completely and says I don't deceide who is a homosexual! She can but I can't!!!Listen, this is graphic and it is the only language that irrational people will hear. Paul Williams forced his enlarged erect penis into the small unlubricated anus of his own son. He made his son take his penis in his mouth and suck it. He did this over a period of 12-18 months. Now this is rank homosexuality. The Bible condones the stoning of a man who would do such a thing. It is an abomination in the sight of God. It is the sin of Romans 1 that God turns over to reprobation. It is a denial of the existence of a righteous God.

It is a Satanic offensive against me to silence me, a conspiracy to silence me. The evil green tentacles of Satan are reaching out in desperation to silent this issue.

oc said...Oh come on. Certainly he has some idea what tomorrow will bring. It may be much like any other day. But tomorrow, he will either awaken clutching his filberts, or grasping air where they should have been. This is a veiled threat, a conspiracy. It indicates discussions about how to destroy me. oc said...Gmommy,The NBVB? Just burn it. And make it HOT. I have no idea what "nb" means, but NASS and GMOMMY both used it in reference to me. I ask and they will not tell me.

Well lets just look at their attack. In anonymous words, he will cross the lines of Conventional Christianity to get me. Adrian Rogers spoke against "secondary cussing" so let's see if any of that took place.

Anon said: "little man who gives a s** (shit) about your blog. Your poor pious BS (bull shit) I'll bet he wishes he could retract his BS (bull shit) I don't give a rat's A$$ (ASS) about your religion. biblical crap (shit) stir up crap (shit) fat man crap (shit) Da** (damn) get it right

Anon said: "I have done nothing immoral or illegal"

Anon said: "I have a "B-safe" on my computers and I have an "accountabily" partner that meets with my wife to let her know what sites I try to visit." This is commendable for a person who has allowed pornography to rule his life. You know what they say about glass houses!

NASS says without clarification: "you need to shut the hell up!" I like that better, straight from the hip. To the point, she's no coward!

OC said: "...clutching his filberts, or grasping air where they should have been." This is men's bathroom language. Filberts are nuts, balls or male genitalia. The problem is this is in reply after NASS' lengthy response to me. No Christian should speak like that around a lady, in a casual nonchalant manner as if she is one of the guys.

Now this is where it gets graphic! Not guy graphic but girl graphic! NASS is trying to play with your minds. She wants you to think I am a pervert. (Paul Williams is a pervert. He is the standard for extreme perversion) She wants to create a word picture in your mind that I am sitting at a computer looking at pornography. Not just pornography but homosexual pornography. She wants you to think that I am masturbating while doing this. In all honesty, like anonymous I have done this before while sitting at the computer. I am not innocent! I am ashamed to say this. I have said over and over "I am a sinner saved by grace." But she wants you to think that I have done this while posting about this mess. There is no arousal about what Paul Williams did to his own son. When I say I am outraged, I mean it. I believe that there are
just a handful of people in this world who would be aroused by the Paul Williams story. You and I will in all probability never meet them. This is a perversion beyond human comprehension. To tie anyone to that would be a very sad misunderstanding of of the perverse nature of this minister's sin.

NASS said: "You know, I believe you get off every time you write one of your x-rated tales.
GMOMMY said: "You get off on the graphic details. I know you have the graphic part down so you can amuse yourself. Christian ladies!!! Christian ladies!!!

September 28, 2008

My Spiritual Odyssey

Traditionally on new years eve my wife and I have gone to a restaurant with good friends. We went to Romano's Macaroni Grill and had a good meal and time of friendship and left in time to go home before the drunks came out. We were sitting on the couch watching the crowds at New York's Time Square. My wife held a second job at Goldsmith's jewelry department so during the Christmas season we both had been busy.

With an open Bible I was explaining to her what had been going on spiritually; the two morning experiences. I slipped to the floor on bended knees with the Bible open to John 15 and looked up at her and said: "honey I am that little boy and that little boy was hit in the face with a pie when he was young!"

I immediately thought to myself, "where did that come from?" That was a secret that was hidden in my memory. I had not told anyone. My wife or my family had never heard the story.

It happened 45 years ago! August 6, 1960 my hometown, McMinnville, Tennessee was celebrating its sesquicentennial celebration. I was downtown alone and there was a pie throwing
event. Local celebrities were sitting in a chair and people were paying to throw a pie at them.
I was elbowing my way between the crowd to get a view. Someone got the ideal to arbitrarily hit an innocent victim with a pie. I was their choice. Suddenly I was the center of attention with over fifty people gathered around me laughing. The pie dried quickly in my face and I could not wipe it off. The only bathroom was the "colored" bathroom and I went there to wash off the pie.
The bathroom was used only by vagrants and was nasty. I was so shamed by the experience and never told anyone about it.

Suddenly from deep in my memory came this revelation I was telling my wife. I had carried in my heart the fear of being laughed at by people. I was plagued by feelings of fear when I endeavored to accomplish something.

Friday morning, Saturday morning and now new years eve God was healing me of 45 wasted years of fear. At five AM New Years I was going up and down the isles of Walmart telling every single person what God had done for me. I was so thrilled at God's work and I was given favor by every person I talked to.

I bought the best pie I could find and went to my daughters house and woke the family and shared my joy with them. I went to Church that Sunday and helped my wife afterwards take down the Christmas lights. We then went to my other daughter's and I shared my joy. We drove there in two cars and afterwards I drove the five hour drive to McMinnville to share my joy.

I arrived there at midnight and by five AM I was standing in the rain at the very spot I had been hit 45 years earlier with raised hands praising God! By the time I arrived back home in Memphis, Collierville, I had probably shared with over hundred strangers about my testimony.

That was in the month* following Adrian Rogers death!

*edited 11/22/08 thanks to anonymous

September 24, 2008

My Spiritual Odyssey

In the month Adrian Rogers died I heard the Lord. At the end of the month I had a divine visitation from God. December 22 I was seized by the Lord to begin witnessing unto Christ before a Jehovah Witness coworker. I had not been seeking the Lord for this He sought me and singled me out for that task. From very early in the mornings the Lord was taking a personal interest in my witness to my coworker. I was filled with zeal as I had never know previously. This zeal spread to every person I came into contact with. I announced to my managers that I fully intended to witness to every person at work. They could make a decision as to firing me for it. "I can find another job but I can't find another Jesus!" They nodded their approval and God gave me favor in their sight.

I sought God for boldness and that prayer led me to my pastor. On the evening of the 29th I met with him and he opened his Bible to John 15 and talked about it. As I left his comment was "you sure have passion!" I knew that I came to him with too much zeal that lacked in knowledge.

Four in the morning the next day I was reading John 15. After two or three verses I sense the Spirit of God and tears are flowing as I read. As I read I sensed the presence of a small boy wearing jeans and a tee-shirt trying to elbow his way between the disciples gathered around Jesus eager to hear him. Christ's words were calm, loving and deeply instructional. Every word was alive but especially verses 13-16 and the last two 26 and 27.

When I went to work the day was not like any I had ever known. It was like I was living my whole life in one day. Friendships were meaningful and I wondered why had I missed so much of "living" in my 59 years!

At four the next morning, new year's eve, I again read John 15 taking notes as I read. And again the young boy is standing barefoot in jeans and tee-shirt in front of a nice farm house. He is a slave and his family lives with other families in a slave house. In the slave house they complain about working conditions and the treatment they receive from the master. The boy is crying; he wants to be on the inside with the master. He is on the outside looking in..

I suddenly realize the boy is me and I began to weep uncontrollably, pulling my tee-shirt up over my head. I could not hardly control the weeping. On the drive to work I realized that the boy elbowing his way between the disciples and the boy in front of the farm house was me. I saw my self as a ten year old at Chattanooga youth camp singing "Oh how I love Jesus" with tears streaming down my young face. Verses 26 and 27 explode in my mind. I was screaming loudly in the car "I was with the Lord from the beginning" I was on the inside looking out!

to be continued...

September 21, 2008

Satan, Bellevue And LWF's Success

"The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow; the screech owl also shall rest there, and find for herself a place of rest."
Isaiah 34:14
James informs us that the devils know more about theology than most people give them credit. James 2:19 Scholars since Pelagius have struggled with the views of the limitations of human depravity. Often we throw around "Pelagianism" in an argument to combat theologies we think minimize grace. With the Internet we can 'copy and paste' knowledge.
Satan recognizes the intricate details of correct/incorrect doctrine. It is easy to assume that you have silenced Satan with your "truth". You say, "why he can't stand against the Word of God!" Yet Satan knows when your view is your faulty interpretation of the Word of God. He knows when your opinion and the Bible is not equal. Like a gray haired theologian he just smiles as you pronounce truth. Confidently he knows you have provided him with easy access to destroy both yourself and the unenlightened hearers of your words. He is cunningly sly and you can't catch him, put him in a box and throw away the key. Only Christ can and the Holy Spirit is an indispensable assistant in combating him.
The book of Job depicts the relationship of God, Satan and man. Satan serves God as a sifter of man's motives. Satan doesn't approach God to seek to destroy Job rather God approaches Satan to challenge him with Job's faith. God is sovereign in all matters. Job recognizes a common weakness in Job's faith. "Does Job fear God for nothing?" Satan recognizes God's sovereignty, " ...put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse thee to thy face." You know the ancient story. God gave Satan the permission to test Job's faith. "God is sovereign. That is the major theme of the book." God knew all the details that Satan would do to Job and approved his scheme.
I believe that the same thing occurred in the early eighties in Memphis, Tennessee. The 80 year old historic Church pastored by Lee and Pollard has come to a place where they needed to move out of the city and relocate to a better location to keep with the fleeing congregation. It is called "white flight". Adrian Rogers had a great dream of a great ministry both locally and nationally.
He had served his denomination as convention president and maneuvered a conservative take over from moderates who primarily ruled the seminaries. Like Job he had acquired fame and prestige.
Job's story had finality and closure. Rogers' has yet to be finalized. It will continue on in heaven.
Satan's sifting entails contemplation and correction. Very little of Rogers' saga has entailed contemplation nor correction. This may be an instance when correction continues in heaven.
Did God know that Satan would put it in Paul Williams heart to molest his own son? Yes! Did God know the abuse would take place for 12-18 months and that Paul's son would endure unbelievable immoral perversion. This coincided with the building of the magnificent structure on I-40 where the attenders could easily drive from their nice home and access the property without the blight of the inner city. It happened when LWF was founded. It also happened when the Harmonic Convergence took place.
This sin seems to lack precedent. Where and when has a SBC associate working at a flagship Church sodomized his own son. NAMBLA frowns on father and son sex. This church sin has a diabolical element to it. In human history there are times when Satan personally enters the fray in testing and this has to be one of them.
There is proximity in this sin. Adrian Rogers was the pastor for over 30 years. This sin happened in the mid eighties and it was a well-kept secret for seventeen years. This seems diabolical as well. A two decade scheme to demonstrate poor theology.
The timing of Dr Rogers success at Bellevue, LWF and the Paul Williams sin. The timing of Dr Rogers' death and the subsequent revelation. God determines the appointment of death, however there is order in the chaos. There seems to be a well ordered plan in it all. There is the hidden sin, seventeen years of secrecy and then a domino of troubles.
If the victim had come froward with the truth early on, could Dr Rogers have successfully maneuvered a recovery. Could Bellevue continue it's growth? Could LWF continue it's success?
Again one ask the question, was there a plan to keep the sin a secret? Has the secrecy served Satan's interest in sifting?
Is the logistics of Bellevue to the SBC denomination an indication of a national sifting of American fundamentalism?
Satan has usurped the glory that should go to God, clearly. Now the glory of Bellevue was placed upon the head of a young man who had to keep silent so that his father's perversion would not shame Dr Rogers.
God can do everything and no thought can be withheld from Him.
picture: Lilith- goddess of the night

September 14, 2008

This Is So Funny!

This is a spoof sent to the Drudge Report. It leaves the impression that the guy is being blown by the hurricane! Actually he is holding himself horizontal by his left elbow. The trees in the background are not swaying as in a hurricane.

This reminds me of most evangelical preaching today. The illusion that the Holy Spirit is converting people all the while there are human efforts to accomplish the same thing.

Anyway I thought that it was funny!

September 4, 2008

Adrian Rogers' Straw Man

The Straw Man Fallacy is committed when a person simply ignores a person's actual position and substitutes a distorted, exaggerated or misrepresented version of that position. This sort of "reasoning" has the following pattern:
1.) Person A has position X.
2.) Person B presents position Y (which is a distorted version of X).
3.) Person B attacks position Y.
4.) Therefore X is false/incorrect/flawed.
This sort of "reasoning" is fallacious because attacking a distorted version of a position simply does not constitute an attack on the position itself. One might as well expect an attack on a poor drawing of a person to hurt the person.

One of the distortions Rogers constructs is his Straw Man does not believe in original sin.
Naturally every Calvinist does and Rogers and his denomination subscribes to a belief closely related to Arminianism concerning original sin.
Through the temptation of Satan man transgressed the command of God, and fell from his
original innocence whereby his posterity inherit a nature and an environment inclined
toward sin. -BF&M

When the straw man's god takes a baby in his hands Rogers puts these words in the mouth of that god, "I'm going to harden your heart and then I'm going to cast you into hell." Predestined for Hell? Absolutely Not! p. 16 This is a distorted view of Calvinism. If Dr Rogers did this intentionally with thought then it is a malicious lie and if he did it unthinking and unintentionally then he is recklessly ignorant. Either way Satan is the source of this lie.

This misrepresentation has created agony in the lives of Calvinist who have to endure accusations from loved ones who believe Adrian Rogers' lie. Many tears have been shed over this lie. Calvinist fathers have been separated from their daughters over agony that grandchildren may arbitrarily be sent to hell by an unloving "god". Adrian Rogers is responsible for creating a god that is lifeless and dead. God in heaven ultimately sits insulted by this.

This tender baby inherited a nature corrupt and in bondage to sin and is under condemnation. Dr Rogers' denomination altered this belief to conform to the unbiblical "age of accountability" so as soon as they are "capable of moral action, they become actual transgressors". This unbiblical belief was set in concrete by the 1925 BF&M.

added Sept 7: Actually this post should be titled Adrian Rogers' Straw "god"
On p. 17 of his booklet he states: "So, God takes a lump of clay and says that this is for heaven and this one is for hell. These I'm going to keep, but these I'm going to destroy." "I'm going to create a whole stack of vessels, and then I'm going to take a rod and break them all?" "That sounds more like a madman."

If you are a Calvinist Dr Rogers has set you up to be destroyed by your friends who hear and believe what he has said. Your god is a madman! Naturally his god is a god of love. "A love worth finding?" Do you see what he is doing with God?

September 2, 2008


Adrian Rogers, Dave Hunt and Ergun Caner

What do Hyper-Arminians believe? Let us define them by what they don't believe.

1.) They deny that predestination is absolute.
2.) They deny original sin
3.) They deny that personal election is decreed from before creation.
4.) They deny the Father the right to choose (adopt) His own Children.

5.) They deny the Holy Spirit the right to cooperate with the Father in choosing.
6.) They deny God's Word to always return back to Him valid.
7.) They deny God His absolute sovereignty.
8.) They deny the Bible to declare man dead in trespasses and sin.
9.) They deny God to add to the Church those who should be saved.
10) They deny the truth that pragmatism will not prevail.

Hyper-Arminianism is a cancer that has done more damage to American Churches than any other evil.

September 1, 2008

New BBC Open Forum

Michael, the daughter of Saul (and one of David’s wives) looked down from her window. When she saw King David leaping and dancing before the Lord, she was filled with contempt for him. (II Samuel 6) NASS has contempt for Steve Gaines similar to the feeling that Michael had for David, her husband. Bellevue's choreographed worship dance has stirred the anti-Steve Gaines people. It has renewed a barrage of non-theological/biblical complaints based on cultural tradition determined by dispensational views of what is decent and orderly. These traditions are accepted as biblical. (See item #5 in Scofield's footnote to I Cor. 14:1) Traditions are called injunctions. Worshipful dancing (my problem is that it is choreographed rather than spontaneous) at Bellevue is falsely called a biblical injunction. Quickly the dancing is further denounced by bkwormgirl as blasphemously tied to the Willow Creek Association. The closest tie of any Church to the anti-Christ is the Purpose Driven Movement. Of course Bellevue Baptist is not a member but the former pastor endorsed Rick Warren's book!

Go to NASS' current post and link to the six shameless criticisms of Gaines.

The anonymous NASS, secluded in "her parents basement," is the shepherd of her "notasstepfordsheep". It is a closed forum to those who have a grudge against Steve Gaines and his adminstration. Their belief is that the once prestigious Bellevue, under Dr Rogers' leadership, has been high-jacked by the Gaines regime.

It is my alleged belief based on past e-mails, now deleted, from NASS that she had contact with the Rogers family and that she was informed that if there were negative statements about Dr Rogers they should be deleted. She assured me that there were people who did not take a liking to anyone criticizing Rogers. Apparently no one restrains her from criticizing Gaines.

She opposed my comments about Paul Williams sodomizing his own young son and my implications that this had God's hand of judgement on it. She assumed that I meant that all victims of molestation are judgements from God. I plainly denied that.

I have stated over and over that my criticizing of Dr Rogers was directed to theology and methodology tied to his erroneous Arminian (falsely called Biblicist) views of the gospel. I have avoided the type of assassination that takes place regularly on NASS' blog.