April 28, 2008

What Bellevue Baptist Has In Common With Planned Parenthood And Abortion Clinics

A Child Predator website reports about Planned Parenthood: "All fifty states require healthcare workers and others to report suspected child abuse to Child Protective Services or some other law enforcement agency. But family planning services and abortion clinics operated by Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation continue to thumb their noses at child abuse reporting laws. The National Abortion Federation, Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics profit handsomely by ignoring child rape reporting laws and, if this issue comes up, they hide behind a lot of rhetoric about “privacy” in order to avoid the real issue - their willful failure to comply with these child protection laws."

Where, oh, where is the outrage at Bellevue and from the SBC about the sodomy at their church. It was a moral failure and dismissed as a failure requiring being fired from the staff at Bellevue. Similar to Planned Parenthood is the issue of finances which is the underlying problem for Bellevue. Lost revenue due to outrage against the crime by the members and community at large would spell disaster for a church already embroiled in a crisis of finances. About Planned parenthood: "every state has statutory rape laws that prohibit sex between adults and children. But Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation, family planning service providers, and all other clinics that profit from selling products and services to sexually active underage girls, have a financial incentive to ignore the laws that were designed to protect children from sexual abuse. And now there’s proof that 91% of these businesses don’t comply with child abuse reporting laws. On the contrary, they actually help conceal child rape from law enforcement!"

April 18, 2008

Another Church Related Child Sexual Predator

Fall Creek Falls State Park (near Spencer)

Early last year I was surfing the internet and came across a Church web-site that had archived a sermon by a very good friend. I listened to the pastor's introduction of his guest minister and he strangely referenced his own molestation as a child by a man in Spencer, Tennessee. I was a bit taken back by that openness and then continued to sit back and listen to my friend's sermon.

I shelved the molestation reference in my mind and it came to mind a month ago. I was born and raised in McMinnville, Tennessee, just down the mountain on highway 30 connecting to hwy 70 south into McMinnville. One afternoon I felt led to call the pastor and we talked freely about the molestation for nearly an hour.

A few days of short e-mail exchanges I said to him:
Thanks for the reply. I want to publish the &*%# name in Spencer (without using your name) to bring attention of what has happened with child molestation right in the Bible-belt of America. However Tennessee has no statue of limitations on this crime and it could open a can of worms. My hurt is that we will protect the molester and multitudes of crying victims go unheeded. Do you think you were the only victim of this molester? You have confronted these things a long time ago and you are OK. Are there others who are not OK?
My pain is that I live everyday with people telling me that, "judgment is in God's hands not yours." Can I publish his name without using yours? I will respect your wishes.

He replied back to me: No, you may not. I don’t believe that this is necessary. He lives out of state anyway. And the other family members are not responsible for his sins. One of them serves in ministry and knows what has happened forty years ago. Do understand that this happened forty years (ago). I have forgiven him and he does not torment me, I am free
Please don’t take on an offence

Without exceptions (well one) everyone has told me that this is not my business. I should never publish the man's name. But isn't this the problem? We are quiet and that is exactly what ALL pedophiles delight in. Does 40 years matter? The tentacles of this predator span all these years and my closest friends become another tentacle for this man to discourage exposure.

Do I believe that the young man is free of this tormentor? No! This child was four or five years old when this grown man molested him. A vital part of this child's life was taken from him never ever to be restored. Yes, he can be delivered to cope with life but the experience is seared into his soul with a hot iron.

No, I will not publish any names to protect the victim. However it is my hopes that in some way the pedophile will hear of this and know that there is someone who knows what he has done and may he live everyday of survival looking over his shoulder thinking "does that person following me know what I have done?" May he never rest in peace!
links: Spencer, Tenessee, located between McMinnville, Sparta and Pikeville.

April 13, 2008

Paul Williams, I Hope To Make Your Life Miserable (unfortunately I'm just one man)

"Carelessness leads to arrests. Loose talk and strange behaviour attracts the attention of police. Secret work needs vigilance and care. Rules of secrecy help to mask our actions and overcome difficulties created by the enemy." (from instructions about maintaining secrecy in spying)

A sexual predator has to be always careful and never take for granted that his sin can be uncovered. He uses incentives both rewarding and coercive to maintain his victim's cooperation in secrecy. Every contact must be maneuvered with caution so that a slip-up doesn't blow his cover. Paul Williams had a good man to work with to protect his cover. Adrian Rogers was a well disciplined and predictable man who was easy to "pull the wool" over. Seventeen years of secrecy confirmed this truth.

Mr Williams knew that Steve Gaines spelled trouble for him since he was an erratic and unpredictable person. It would have been just a short time till his cover would be blown even without the son coming forward. He mastered this eventuality and perhaps had gone over this scenario many times in his mind. His own forgiveness and tampered judgement was part of this scenario. To this day many have played a part in his own web of self centered devotion. The worst thing that anyone can do to Williams is gnash their teeth and lament a painful cry for the victim. The best thing they can do is allow other people to bear his reproach. As long as Steve Gaines and Bellevue can suffer the consequences then less attention will be directed to Paul Williams.

Any forgiveness he experiences does not come from Christ but his own web that demands that good people look favorably upon him. He masters his own forgiveness. If you are not loving toward him he will insure in subtle ways that you are unloving and Christ-like.

You may ask, Charles, what can I do to help Christ's kingdom in this? Weep, weep and weep for the victims. Refuse to be forgiving to these predators. No matter who admonishes you to act lovingly to the predator ignore them. Ignore them at all cost.

Paul Williams does not deserve mercy on this earth. Christ's admonition to him was neglected by Paul, himself. Paul, you should have rowed a cheap boat out to Lake Enid and tied a short rope around a millstone and the other end around your neck and thrown the stone overboard. No, you sodomized your own young son and he will never recover from it. He would have coped with your death as that is the common lot of us all to eventually loose a parent. To be sodomized by one's own father is so sinful as to be disgusting among even the worst of pagans.
Your son will never recover! He will cope and move-on but will never recover.

April 8, 2008

Paul, The Godfather, Williams

Can't you see the tangled web Paul Williams weaves? I tried to find an analogy representing this web and I came up with kudzu however I settled with the Mafia.

With tentacles reaching from Palermo to Hong Kong, from Caracas to London to Brooklyn, the Octopus, the Sicilian Mafia's international crime corporation, has a stranglehold on a $100 billion heroin market and now has branched out into cocaine. Through the free flow of its laundered billions, the Sicilian Mafia reigns supreme over the entire world of organized crime. Beginning with the resurgence of Italy's secret society in the chaotic aftermath of World War II, this book traces the Mafia's operations, bloody internecine wars and insignificant retreats from law enforcement assaults as it wrestled dominance from local criminal families.

The tentacles of Williams reach in every direction. This is typical of sexual predators. Their evil tentacles penetrate deep into the victims body and soul keeping control over them for the rest of their life. No matter where the victim travels or what vocation they choose or family they raise those invisible tentacles are attached. It maybe that they are never separated from the attachment. They will carry a handicap for the rest of their life.

I hate Paul Williams. I can't distinguish between the sinful stain and the man. The name Paul Williams is synonymous with child rapist. He is the personification of Satan himself. I can substitute the name Satan for Paul Williams. Especially despicable is the fact that he was an ordained SBC associate pastor. That makes him sinner number one in America. Pagans cringe when told what he did to his son in 1987 for 12-18 months. The expression on their faces say "don't tell me about this!"

I relate this to you to evoke a response which I assume will be "where is the love, Charles?" "Why are you so angry, Charles?" "You need serious help, Charles!"

Open your spiritual eyes and see the green evil tentacles of Paul Williams wrapped around your heart.

April 7, 2008

The Gospel According To Paul Williams

"Some offenders seek to vent their hostility, aggression, frustrations and insecurities on their victims. For these offenders, the act of humiliating and degrading their victims while gaining power and control over them is a major motivating factor. Offenders of this type are often sexual sadists, finding pleasure in physically and/or sexually torturing their victims, whether or not sexual intercourse actually occurs or not.....Other offenders can be seemingly emotionless. They may view their victims as objects, rather than people. Their complete lack of empathy makes them unable to care or understand that their actions are damaging to a victim - or, they are so consumed by their own needs that they are un-naturally able to discount their actions from the victims point of view in order to get that which they seek."

These words apply to Paul Williams and extend to the present. He has achieved control over every aspect of this situation. Every character in his play reads from his script. He produces and directs the production. His theology for his play was based in "Love Worth Finding". This love was interwoven carefully so that he would be the focus and thus not go to prison. Rather he enjoys a guilt free life in Sommerville, Tennessee. Perhaps he is writing another act to be added to his play.

His gospel includes forgiveness for himself. With his first introduction of perversion with his young son he spoke of forgiveness as he pulled the covers back from his sons tender body. This was an exclusive love between them that even the boy's mother must not know. It was a love so real that it had to be secretive. So the boy was drawn into a love so rare that he could not share it with his friends. It was personal between him and his father. This love was effectual in that to this day the son will not betray his love for his father. While the son hates the acts (which are criminal deserving prison for common people) he loves the sinner. This father's love will not release him to be free. If the son is freed then Paul goes to prison. It is better that the son suffers so that the father is free!

I don't have time and you probably would not read all that I could write about the characters in this play. The wife, Dr Rogers, Dr Gaines, his Sunday School class, counselors, associates and a multitude of friends. All are interwoven into his message of love and forgiveness. He has even modified his own dark depravity into a "moral failure." Yes, even an investigative committee by the Lord's Church played right into his hands.

Does this message sound anything like you heard from your Church last Sunday? Will you ever hear a sermon denouncing Paul William's sin? Will you ask yourself why? Is it because the Paul Williams of this world control us all?

April 5, 2008

Is That An Elephant? No, Would You Like Some Ice Tea?

This is the elephant in the room of the Southern Baptist Church. This homosexual minister was an ordained associate under Adrian Rogers at the flagship Church of the great Southern Baptist Church. What he did to his own young son for 12-18 months about 1987 was unbelievably evil and cruel. It was a crime for which ordinary men would go to prison. Anyone who would have kept this quite would be considered guilty of harboring a criminal. Yet he was dismissed as a "moral failure" and has moved on to another Church.

Oh, this was a one time thing and you don't have to worry about the safety of your children. This man won't harm your child only his own son. Why should I be discussing this since his sin is "under the blood"?

April 4, 2008

Ideas Have Consequences

It is said in Military Intelligence that: only 5% of the people think; 15% think they think and 80% of the people never think! The 5% who think need books, seminars and documentation. The 15% who think they think need leaflets, newspaper articles and video documentaries. The 80% who never think only respond to TV soundbites, slogans on T-shirts, bumper stickers and posters. The five culture conveying institutions that need to be influenced are identified as: 1) educational institutions; 2) the entertainment industry; 3) the news media; 4) religious institutions; and 5) political institutions.

It is noteworthy that great revolutions such as the terrible bloodbath that was the French Revolution of 1789 began with intellectual books by Voltaire and Rousseau. Their revolutionary humanistic ideas were then spread throughout Paris by teachers, newspapers and leaflets. Finally Robespierre and the other revolutionaries whipped up the masses with parrot cries of “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity!” In the name of those noble sounding sentiments 40 000 heads were cut off by the guillotine and Europe was plunged into war.

Similarly, the American War of Independence was heavily influenced by books such as Lex Rex by Samuel Rutherford and Vindicae Contra Tyrannos (A Defence of Liberty Against Tyrants). Again, newspapers and leaflets and speakers carried it forward until the slogans: “No taxation without representation!” “Give me liberty or give me death!” and “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!” mobilised the masses to successfully win independence for the USA. -pasted with apologies to the source. I had previously saved this and can't recall the source.


Evangelism has reaped a great harvest in America. Over 40% of the population are Evangelicals yet the life of the nation is so little affected. What is wrong with the harvest? The current teaching of evangelicals on conversion has attributed to this growth but has this teaching also attributed to the fact that a homosexual can pass as an associate pastor in the flagship church of the SBC undetected by one of the greatest ministers this generation has seen? Isn’t this the elephant in the room that everyone walks around discussing Calvinism vs Arminianism while drinking Baptist cocktails (icetea)?
Will someone in the SBC say, “HEY, THERE IS AN ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, CANT YOU SEE IT?” That person will be the key to revival in the SBC IMO

April 1, 2008

Providential Work Of The Holy Spirit

In the same year of the Asbury College 1970 Revival there was a similar revival at Lee College in Cleveland, Tennessee (Lee University) Charles W. Conn, College President. We had two weekly chapel services at 11AM on Tuesday and Thursday. In a Thursday chapel the basketball team was in charge of the service and one of the players was suppose to give a testimony. Instead he broke down weeping confessing his back -sliden state and quickly the whole student body erupted in prayer. The altars were full of praying students. The faculty and administration remained seated and stone faced as they observed the out of control revival. They eventually retreated to their towers and dismissed classes for the rest of the day. Every dorm lobby and campus auditoriums were utilized for prayer meetings.
The revival continued through the weekend and culminated in a Sunday morning service at North Cleveland Church of God with student preachers preaching. The pastor, TL Lowery, remained in the background.
The result was many missionaries, ministers and other spiritual vocational commitments were made. God moves providentially in humble hearts. His moves are not exclusive to theological correctness but humble broken and contrite hearts. I like the word "sitting" as the correct posture. Sitting indicates passivity and contemplation. You maybe exhausted, sleepy or bored but if you are humble you are a candidate for an outpouring! God send your tired weary saints a revival!

For further reading: Asbury 1970 here, here, here
Asbury College has been known through the years for its history of great revivals. There have been several occasions when significant moves of the Holy Spirit have swept the campus and reached around the nation. In February 1905, during a blizzard, a prayer meeting in the men's dormitory spilled out to the rest of campus and the town of Wilmore. In February 1908, revival broke out while someone prayed in chapel; the revival lasted two weeks and was signified by prevailing prayer and intercession. In February 1921 the last service of a planned revival lasted until 6am, and services were extended for three days. In February 1950 a student testimony led to confessions, victories, and more testimonies. This went on uninterrupted for 118 hours and became the second leading news story nationwide; it is estimated that 50,000 people found a new experience in Christ as a result of witness teams that went out from this revival. In March 1958 revival began in a student fast prayer meeting that spilled over into chapel and lasted for 63 hours. In February 1970 student confession and testimonies led to 144 hours of unbroken revival; some 2,000 witness teams went out from Wilmore to churches and at least 130 college campuses around the nation. In March 1992 a student confession during the closing chapel of Holiness Conference turned into 127 consecutive hours of prayer and praise. In February 2006 a student chapel led to four days of prayer and praise. -from Wikipedia