July 13, 2008

Is Reverend Miller Right?

Southern Hills Baptist Church, Sioux City Iowa
July 7, 2008 3:54 PM
Dave Miller said: "I don't know the heart of God, but I know this - I would rather stand in Adrian Rogers' place at the last day than in yours."
According to Dave I am in trouble with God however I wonder if Dave understands God! Apparently he thinks one earns the right to stand proudly before God. Guess what Dave, without Christ as my savior I would not want to be Adrian Rogers let alone Charles Page. Adrian nor I don't mean squat without Christ!
So I am being bold and not vindictive when I critize Adrian Roger's theology and his ministerial methodology. I am not breaking a law but I am breaking Christian tradition by speaking out and focusing on one person as a representative. Adrian Rogers represented the "free willers" and the "whosoever wills" and was not afraid to speak out against Calvinist.

Dave said, "You, who spread slander against brothers in Christ, sow discord and dishonor the body of Christ, where does that leave you?" July 7, 2008 12:28 PM . Dave is a pastor and understands the need to maintain unity in HIS Church. Naturally people like myself create problems for him and "dishonor the body of Christ." According to Dave, I should not be able to discuss my views. I should be censored! If you are so sure that you are the agent of God to pronounce judgment on the world, then shake the dust off your feet. I am not buying it. I consider you a false prophet and an evildoer. Dave, this judgement is against the Church and not the world.


johnthebaptist said...


You attack Adrian Rogers the person, not his theology. That is where you error.

Instead of Adrian Rogers this and Adrian Rogers that, you could just talk about the Calvinism you worship vs. other theologies.

Maybe you could talk about what you are for instead of what everyone (Adrian Rogers) was against.

Flat out Brother, get the beam out of your own eye.

Talk about theology and not your brother, especialy with so much hate and anger.

You might actually get someones attention.

As it is now, you sin against a brother who has gone home. God alone will judge Him. Not you.

How you can expect God to bless your preaching when carry on as you do is beyond me.

johnthebaptist said...

Scratch the part about God blessing your preaching.

I meant to say - how you can expect God to bless your service to Him when you carry on as you do is beyond me.

God is merciful to all not to allow you back in the pulpit.

WatchingHISstory said...

Please, John, point me to where I have attacked Dr Rogers personally and not his theology or methodology.

johnthebaptist said...


Reading your own blog would be a good place to start.

We could read all the junk you posted on other blogs about Dr. Rogers but all has been deleted & you have been banned from posting because of your hatefilled attacks against Dr. Rogers, not to mention all your other goofy posts.

Do you not even read the stuff you write?

You use to go to 1st Baptist Collierville, not sure if you still do. However, why don't you attack the pastor there with your verbal slander? I don't believe he is a calvinist. Why not Jerry Vines, Paige Patterson, ect?

You won't because they aren't dead.

Not only is it sinful, it is just plain sad.

WatchingHISstory said...


I reread (tongue-in-cheek) all I have posted and no I have not attacked Rogers personally but have consistently attacked his theology and methodology. Your estimation of me is subjective assumption as, junk, slander, hatefilled and "goffy" hardly a substantive criticism! So, should I take you seriously? How have you arrived at "sinful"? Is this just another emotional assumption?
I feel like I am dealing with a child. johnnythebaptist

Talk to Dr Herrin at FBC Collierville and hear for yourself if I have slandered him. He knows my views and has expressed respect for me. If he is/not Calvinistic and you find out let me know.

Oh, Adrian Rogers, is not "dead" his body is in a grave but "he" is alive in heaven. The Jehovah Witnesses talk about the dead. You are not JW are you? The Saducees talk about the dead, are you saduceean? "I'm just plain sad!" ha! ha!

Oh, I have slandered Vines and Patterson's theology as well as all false preachers, in heaven as well as on earth, perhaps some in hell. Stay tuned.

johnthebaptist said...


May God have mercy on your soul.

Your as dislusional here as you are on other blogs.

I don't care if you take me seriously or not. You better take God and His Word seriously though.

Your hatefill personal attacks under the guise of "attacking their methodology & theology" is misguided and a lie.

God's Holy Word condems your actions and your words.

Best get right with God now before your appointed time is upon you.

You need to learn that you should never give the devil a ride - he will always want to drive. He is driving you now.

Remember Chuck, what we do in life echoes in eternity....