August 13, 2008

Unmasking Bellevue's "Moral Failure" Investigation

Bellevue's investigative committee found, “Paul Williams engaged in egregious, perverse, sexual activity with his adolescent son over a period of 12-18 months." "Egregious, perverse, sexual activity" are words that legal counsel advises to soften truth or make it admittable in a court of law.

Wikipedia states: "In the various criminal codes of United States of America, the term "sodomy" has generally been replaced by "Deviant sexual intercourse", which is precisely defined by statute." " New York State Penal Law, Article 130, "Deviant Sexual Intercourse". The definition in this particular instance is as follows- "Deviant sexual intercourse means sexual conduct between persons not married to each other consisting of contact between the penis and the anus, the mouth and the penis or the mouth and the vulva".

The moral failure was non-consensual sex of a SBC associate pastor at Bellevue Baptist, an adult man. a father, with his adolescent son. This is an incestuous homosexual (pedophilia, neophilia, philopédie, pederasty , ephebophilia, hebephilia, Greek love, pedagogical eros, man/boy love, and intergenerational sex) crime.* **

In 1987 the SBC condemned homosexual behavior as a "manifestation of a depraved nature and a perversion of divine standards." They viewed homosexual behavior as being linked to a general "moral decline" in America. Rev. William Merrell, the SBC's vice president for convention relations said in 1997-MAR: "It is a fundamental contradiction, to say 'gay minister,'...The teachings of scripture are plain; that one is called to live a life that is in keeping with the principles the Lord has given us. Homosexuality is a fundamental denial of those principles." Within the SBC, Merrell said members always have affirmed the same position: homosexuality is a sin, homosexual ministers should be removed, and gay and lesbian people must renounce the lifestyle if they want to be members of the denomination. source

Bellevue violated this. Specifically, a retired unnamed staff member failed to realize the seriousness of this thinking that Rev. Williams could remain a minister and he took it upon himself to make this decision. Jamie Fish heard the revelations and also did not realize the seriousness of this despite his denominations strong statement. He took it upon himself to act independently. Dr Gaines, who should have known better and perhaps helped construct the strong statement about homosexuality and knew the urgency of dismissing a "gay minister" failed to do so and he acted alone. This would still be covered-up and Paul Williams still a staff associate if his son had not come forward with his friends. The question is; would Steve Gaines have kept him on as an associate? I believe he would. Paul would have made sure of it. Rev Williams is a sick pervert and calculatingly sly as demonstrated by seventeen years secrecy with Adrian Rogers!

I feel dirty posting this and I grow weary of the Christians who treat me as perverse for doing so. I am evil, they say. Few, very few, in the Christian community will admit the perverseness of this man, yet they will crucify the victim and messengers.

Yes, this son is a victim. The cycle of homosexuality has sought his soul for destruction. His innocence has been destroyed and he has not known the normality of growing adolesents. He was raped by his own father and as his father has said he was molested by his father, the son struggles in his own confusion. His family, though counseled and perhaps healed, nevertheless will never be relieved of remembrances. Bellevue Baptist need to face this son and do whatever this son ask in retribution. If it is a financial settlement, how much has Bellevue already spent on legal counsel? How much has been paid to Rev Williams? (What is the situation of Williams ministerial credentials?) The Bible discourages us from taking a brother to court, yet Bellevue should settle this with the boy (man).

Please, common man in the pew, if you are disturbed by this rise up and revolt against this tyranny. If you do you will be obeying God.

As for me, how long, O Lord? I will continue this blog, outraged at this terrible, terrible sin. You will hear and hear from me about this.

*The search for resources is so morbid and evil that I can not link to it. There was not a site for father/son sex which is an evil that evil people will not deal with!
** "Rape of Faith" A brave personal account of a survivor victim raped by a priest. Graphic and vivid and maybe offensive to some readers.
It is necessary to fully understand the pain and struggle that a young boy experiences.


Straight Path said...


How old is Chris Williams now and what is the time frame in the 1980s that his father molested him? It appears as if all of the rapes occurred while they were members at the FORMER Bellevue church.

Straight Path said...


Do you mind giving out the name of the retired Bellevue Baptist minister that was aware of Paul Williams' molestation, but VERY demonically chose not to disclose it?

WatchingHISstory said...

He is in his early 30's now. The rapes took place around 1987. I don't know the name of the deceased staff member and have not tried to find out.

Thanks for dropping by and responding.


Straight Path said...

You're very welcome.

Straight Path said...


Do you happen to know the age of Paul Williams' other son?

Actually, I found out about Chris Williams' molestation only months back. I currently have NO ties to Bellevue Baptist Church and don't want any.

I believe that ANYONE (minister, priest, ANYONE) that molests a minor or aids and abets a child molester should be put in prison.

If Chris Williams' can now press charges, I wish he would.