July 30, 2007

What is happening to mega- churches?

I posted this to Christa Brown on her website "Stop Baptist Predators" http://stopbaptistpredators.blogspot.com/

Yesterday our pastor preached part II from the first chapter of James on the subject: "Embracing Life's Trials" and you were on my mind again as he preached.

"Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing."

In 1958 McMinnville, Tennessee was celebrating their sesquicentennial at the court house and I was a bashful 12 year old down town by myself watching the town celebrities get hit with pies. I was pressing into the crowd to watch when someone though that it would be cute to just arbitrarily hit an innocent victim and I was that person. I was suddenly the center of the attraction and everyone was laughing at me.

For 47 years I live with arrested personality development, fearful that if I tried to standout in a crowd I would fail in my effort and be laughed at. I never told anyone about this humiliation and carried the hidden stigma of victimhood.

New Years eve 2005 God healed my personality and released me to be the kind of person he wants me to be.This was not a born-again experience because I had become a Christian at age 10 and was baptized in water as an outward sign of an inward work of grace.

Did God arrange this humiliation of me for his purpose? Absolutely! Yes!

During forty seven years I had stumbled through Church experiences seeing the humiliation that God himself endures because of the faulty theological views of Christ's atonement. God is mocked from the pulpit. Preachers have the audacity to obligate God to be a God of love. They rule by their own self-determination.Their behavior reflects their arrogant self-centered theology.

You observe this behavior in your struggle.

While He is a God of uncomprehendible love, He is also a God of wrath far greater than the human mind can understand.

Bellevue Baptist is the focus of this American theological error and the flagship of the SBC. Over twenty years ago God allowed the calamity of the pedophile in this church to accomplish his purpose.God is mocking American fundamentalism and it's lukewarm gospel. He is spewing it out of his mouth.

Through the internet, bloggers are serving God's purposes and many of our great American mega-churches will crumble.

Christa, our causes overlap. My cause is for the pain and humiliation God endures from these bigshot preachers who tread the blood of Christ and disgrace the Spirit of Grace. They rape and sodomize God from their pulpits.I am embracing my 47 year humiliation with joy knowing that I am a partaker with God in His suffering.


WatchingHISstory said...

Christa really does not have a clue as to what I am talking about. I believe that I understand her cause, though she doubts me.

She deleted my comment to her reply. She does not take any comfort in the fact that God will get his revenge.
She and those who have suffered and have held faithful to the witness of Christ's atonement will observe the extreme humiliation of their perpetrators by an angry God and those victims will take delight in their avenged suffering.

If they were to see this future humiliation while on earth they would fall on their knees and beg God on behalf of their perpetrators punishment.

When the Bible says it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God it means it!!!

If a living perpetrator reads this post I warn you to get right with God.

If a bigshot celebrity preacher who preaches a lukewarm gospel reads this (or you know such a person) I severely warn you to preach the Word. If you don't heed this you will be cut asunder by Christ and cast with the lot of unbelievers.

This an urgent appeal to repent!!!

David said...

Charles: "Preachers have the audacity to obligate God to be a God of love"

Bible: "Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love" 1 John 4:8

Preacher obligate God to be a God of love? Isnt it impossible to obligate God to be something he is by nature?

WatchingHISstory said...

As you state it, it is impossible to to obligate God to be something He is by nature.

But my point here is that Adrian Rogers gave an altar call to all sinners to "come to Jesus". The condition for salvation is the sinner's response in comming forward.

Perhaps the question here is can anyone or anything make God do what he is unwilling to do? I assume that you will answer no.

In the matter of salvation many want to say that God wants all sinners to be saved, yet they are free to choose to accept or reject salvation. God then is put in a position to do what he is unwilling to do - let unrepentant sinners perish. II Pet 3:9

This makes human will frustrate the Divine will. AR misunderstood the sovereignty of God in the salvation of sinners. A general and universal call to salvation obligates God to save all that come to him. Many sinners are going to perish.

God's salvation promises go forward to save and his promises to save will not return back empty nor void. His promises are effectual and prosperous. Isaiah 55:11 "Jacob have I loved and Esau have I hated."

Salvation is determined by the will of God and not man. Dr Rogers would have unregenerate men baptized and Church members when in fact their hearts are cauterized in sins.

David said...


Can't God bring them down the aisle?

WatchingHISstory said...

yes He will bring a regenerated man down the isle, but AR would treat him as though he was unregenerated.

Imagine God bring a sinner down the isle for AR to save him. Funny isn't it?

David said...

I don't think AR thought he was going to save anyone. What did he say that would give you that impression?

WatchingHISstory said...

It was what you said that created a visual image of God leading a sinner down to AR...that just struck me as funny. That's all.