October 9, 2007

The mess that Adrian Rogers left at Bellevue

These are two post that I made to the Mike Bratton blog
First post:
Since AR had a certain degree of Landmarkism, as indicated by Billie then in my thinking that changes the picture a bit about the Cal/Arm debate. That somewhat explains the disconnect from Armininism he had, though he was adamantly against Calvinism. It explains Billie's strong statements against the state influences in Church life.Both Billie and Adrian trace their linage back through Anabaptist back to the early Church. The whole Protestant/Reformation debate is avoided somewhat and the terms "Christian" and "Bible Believing" take on a different meaning than what would be rather obvious. Man made doctrines are those of the reformers to a degree.As a Pentecostal I heard speech about the Church of Christ and Baptist thinking that they were the only ones going to heaven, now fifty years later, for me makes sense.Strangely my memories of preaching showed an appreciation of Luther (absent Calvin) and the reformation leading to a Wesleyan/Pentecostal revival. We really didn't think we were the only ones going to heaven.The ones going to heaven were expected to achieve a rigorous sanctified life, which was positional and practical.While my background was not Biblically based it was better than the Baptist/Landmark/inconsistent Armininism that Adrian Rogers preached. It would have been difficult for PW to hide in the assemblies I grew up in.Believe me if a young man with my "struggles" to yet remain sane (which many of you question) then PW would go "nuts" a long time before 17 years.We don't have to be doctrinely correct for the Holy Spirit to move in the midst of uninformed people.

Second post:
When Bellevue and the Paul Williams' family needed an intersessor such as Abraham or even Lot, they didn't have one! They had a well-known and likable pastor but not an intersessor. Why didn't God confide in Adrian about what was comming to pass. Adrian was busy defining to the SBC what a dead-beat dad was and and his associate was a sodomizer. How dead-beat can you be? AR was an absentee-pastor when his "family" needed him most.Matthew Henry comments on Gen 18: 17 "Shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do?"Abraham must know, for he is a friend and a favourite, and one that God has a particular kindness for and great things in store for. He is to become a great nation; and not only so, but in the Messiah, who is to come from his loins, All nations of the earth shall be blessed. Note, The secret of the Lord is with those that fear him, Psalms 25:14,Pr+3:32. Those who by faith live a life of communion with God cannot but know more of his mind than other people, though not with a prophetical, yet with a prudential practical knowledge. They have a better insight than others into what is present (Hosea 14:9,Ps+107:43), and a better foresight of what is to come, at least so much as suffices for their guidance and for their comfort.Abraham must know, for he will teach his household: I know Abraham very well, that he will command his children and his household after him, Genesis 18:19. Consider this, [1.] As a very bright part of Abraham's character and example. He not only prayed with his family, but he taught them as a man of knowledge, nay, he commanded them as a man in authority, and was prophet and king, as well as priest, in his own house. Observe, First, God having made the covenant with him and his seed, and his household being circumcised pursuant to that, he was very careful to teach and rule them well. Those that expect family blessings must make conscience of family duty. If our children be the Lord's, they must be nursed for him; if they wear his livery, they must be trained up in his work. Secondly, Abraham took care not only of his children, but of his household; his servants were catechized servants. Masters of families should instruct and inspect the manners of all under their roof. The poorest servants have precious souls that must be looked after. Thirdly, Abraham made it his care and business to promote practical religion in his family. He did not fill their heads with matters of nice speculation, or doubtful disputation; but he taught them to keep the way of the Lord, and to do judgment and justice, that is, to be serious and devout in the worship of God and to be honest in their dealings with all men. Fourthly, Abraham, herein, had an eye to posterity, and was in care not only that his household with him, but that his household after him, should keep the way of the Lord, that religion might flourish in his family when he was in his grave.


Jon L. Estes said...


You should register at www.baptistlife.com and dialogue with those folk. It will give you opportunity to see some baptist who don't believe in the sovereignty of God, the miracles of scripture, the calvinistic theological point.

It is an interesting place. Go over there and lurk. Christa Brown has been over there along with a few others who post on the bbc and bratton blogs.

Give it a try.

WatchingHISstory said...

Why would I post there? I'm trying to reach the ones who claim to believe in the sovereignty of God, the miracles of scripture, and one calvinistic theological point.

The conservative fundamental Baptist have an outward manifestation of an inward error, his name is Paul Williams!

Jon L. Estes said...

Oh, to never be wrong.

It must be a blessing.