October 24, 2007

The Mess that Adrian Rogers left at Bellevue - Part II

For you who are not outraged at Paul William for sodomizing his son I am linking to a post refered to by New Bellevue Baptist Church Open Forum called "Rape of Faith" which is from Bishop's Accountability website. It will help you to understand in graphic detail what went on in a Bellevue associate Pastor's home for 12-18 months. It is graphic.

"One Sunday afternoon in November, after Haas had said mass at St. Ann's, he drove up to the xxxxx's house and picked up young xxxx. Together, they made the long drive to Camp Marymount, a Catholic youth camp in northwest Williamson County. When a priest offered to take you for a drive, you didn't say no; you said, "Thanks, Father."

By the time they arrived at the vacant camp, the late afternoon sun was giving way to a cool, shadowy dusk, and the priest and boy sat on the steps of a cabin near the lake and talked. Another car sat parked at a nearby cabin. Its owner eventually walked up; he knew Haas, and the two talked for a few minutes. Then the man left. Haas was overseeing the fledgling wrestling program at Father Ryan, so when he brought up the topic, xxxxx thought nothing of it. The two talked about the art of wrestling—conversations about sports being a time-honored bonding ritual among males—and when his mentor suggested that the boy come inside so he could show him a few moves, it seemed perfectly normal: coach to wrestler, teacher to student, grownup to adolescent.

xxxx, in his letter, recounts what happened next: He suggested that we take our clothes off down to our underpants so we would not mess them up. He began demonstrating different moves and hold [sic] and our bodies were getting sweaty. He was showing me a hold when suddenly he penetrated me with his finger. He told me it was OK that's what the Greeks did when they wrestled in the Olympics. In fact he told me they wrestled in the nude and to get the true effects we should wrestle nude also. So we did. He told me that they grabbed anything they could get a hold of and not to be ashamed or embarrassed. That if I was going to be a good wrestler I had to learn to get used to that kind of contact. So I went along. Next thing I know he had grabbed my penis and was stroking me. I was shocked and embarrassed but it also felt good at the same time. I was confused. I felt this was wrong but I was with a priest. Father Hass [sic] said my reaction and erection was normal but if I was embarrassed he knew a way he could make it go away. So he began to perform oral sex on me. He then told me he had the same problem and asked that I help him out so we could continue.

After that, the two resumed wrestling. Haas told his young victim to assume a wrestling start position—kneeling with hands on the mat—and got behind him. "Before I knew it, he was in me and raping me," writes xxxx. "There was nothing but pain and horror and lots of tears and blood." "You know this is a sin," Haas said while raping him. "But God knows my needs, and he'll forgive us." xxxx, crying, could only ask "Why?" over and over and over again. "Because you're so handsome and good-looking," came the reply. "I love you."

Now before you get outraged at me for posting this, THINK, this is what an ordained SBC monster did to his son time after time for 12-18 months! We all need to get outraged.

You might say, "how can you futher put this boy through the shame he has already endured and I say what more could be done to him that his father has already done. There are other ministers out there as well as adult men who may hear our joined outrage and be notified that they WILL GO TO PRISON if we have anything to say!


Jon L. Estes said...


I think you must be blamed for PW's actions. You have shown that you are so close to God He speaks to you about other people, through dreams and other venues. You have shown, through your typed words that God reveals to you things He does not reveal to others. Therefore, Sir... You must be at fault for PW's molestation of his son.

It matters not what AR believed in His errant non-calvinistic views. You have the correct views, you, who have been told about AR should have been told about PW. The same source would have done that. Why would this source tell you about AR and not PW? I think He did and you are wanting to divert the attention from yourself to one who can not respond.

It has to be tough to be so close to God that he tells you the wrong about everyone else. So why did you not inform us about PW?

WatchingHISstory said...

Addressed to the grandstand, those David is seeking applause from

1.) When have I said: "Well, I feel like it was from God."
I know the voice of the shepherd John 10:3-5 The same way that David knows which of the myriad of topics from the Biblical texts is the message the Holy Spirit wants for his people is the same way that God confirms a message. It is not guesswork nor assumption by the fleshly mind.

2.) David assumes he knows all that the Bible has to say on every subject. He is able to judge my vision based on what he "thinks"
None of us know every thing about the Bible. My postulation is that David does not understand what happens when a person leaves this deminsional existence and lifts up his eyes in eternity. The people in heaven are not dispensationalist any more. Time has no hold on them. Yet they are able to look back and yearn to see the wicked punished as well as to see their errors and wish for changes with their loved ones still on earth. But they are reminded that the wicked have their day comming and the futility of returning back to warn the inhabitants of the earth. The ones on earth won't believe even if one rose from the dead.

3.) I bet if I search the Bible I will find a corresponding argument for the 'godly' man who fails to heed the words of a prophet. He probally gets struck dead also.

4.) In this life , all true believers are disciplined for their sin. Those who do not respond properly may be taken home prematurely to face their master.
Moses experienced this; one sin meant the loss of an earthly fullfilment and when God escorted him to the place where God would bury him He had to wipe the tears of disappointment from Moses eyes.

5.) All that you are saying is false assumptions about me personally especially this one. So I know that Mike will be upset and perhaps delete this post but David opens the door for this one.
Dr Rogers removal from this earth and the destruction of that which has his fingerprints on will open the door for the gospel to go out to a large population of Memphis that would be repulsed by the snobbery of the old Bellevue as indicated by the NBBCOF crowd. Once house has been cleaned the gospel will go out in new and wonderful ways. You all know that David can't see that since he resides in California.

6.) See no. 1 Mike should say to you "David, you display the same hateful, condescending, disrespectful attitude my original article observes in Haywood and his associates, and in the anomymous Forumite (NBBCOF) host and his/her clique. I've given you more than one opportunity to display self-control in your postings, but you refuse."

7.) Gamaliel had good advise in principle. I have confided in many people and I have not met any mean spirited people such as I deal with on this post (especially SBC pastors) but some of the best advise from unbelievers who I talk to about Jesus have told me that in regards to the mean people on this post (so help me its true) "why should I waste my time throwing pearls before swine!" I recall that as best I can remember is in the Bible somewhere.

8.) Listen to me good common people of the grandstand (hold the applause) david again assumes he knows everything in the Bible: "The Scriptures don’t back you up, Charles."

9.) Thank you good people for hearing me out and giving me open minded consideration.