May 1, 2008

"We Call Forced Love A Crime" - Steve Gaines, Feb. 24, 2008

"A lot of people are teaching that stuff," Steve Gaines said with a snarled lip as theological refutation of Calvinistic irresistible grace. "God never coerces anyone to follow Him neither should we."

Then later he says: "Forced love is not love, we call forced love a crime." I beg to disagree, Steve, but you said the most heinous Church related sin to ever be committed this century by your associate staff member was a "moral failure," which seems to simply imply a disappointing shortcoming in ministerial duties requiring a removal from staff, stripped of credentials and escorted off campus.

Now to your credit you may have meant that if a sorry excuse for a man gets so drunk one night and sodomizes his own son down in the ghettos it is a crime for which he should be thrown in prison, I would understand. Throw the bum in prison and loose the key! But, no, Steve, you said a reputable minister who without intoxication repeatably for 12-18 months sodomized his own young son and sat beside your predecessor in staff meetings was a moral failure.

You have disarmed your pulpit of the seriousness of calling sin "sin." You can preach to the choir with your "how to live successful" in a post modern culture. However you should preach from a manuscript and carefully edit any references to sin and leave that to more qualified ministers. Please do not preach against the heinous sin of homosexuality and leave yourself exposed to the "Saturday Night Live" crowd who are experts at pointing out radical social contradictions for the pleasure of satire.


Your Kind Host said...

A heartfelt AMEN here. I went to school with his son and was friends with him and Steve Gaines likes to pick and choose what is "sin" - which means whatever fills the altars on any given Sunday.

Thank you so much for your site and please keep speaking the truth!

WatchingHISstory said...


Thanks for dropping by and for the comment.