March 26, 2009

The Folly Of Pelagianism

What are the chances that a chunk of coal will become a diamond someday? Do you realize how much coal is in the earth? The power of positive thinking, what folly! It used to be that an American could realize his dreams but now that big government has arrived the chances of self-improvement are extremely slim. To surmount taxation lessens the possibility for progress and the reality that I cannot change myself for the better in America. Accept your lot and be content.
Out of the world population so few will realize true success and fame to amount to anything. You are not a promise with a capital P! Satan has the world where he want it, in a rut. Like rats in a cage, captive to it's own desires to find a way out and no hope in sight.
So here comes a Pelagian singing "I am an old chunk of Coal!" "But I am going to be a diamond someday!" Fat chance Johnny!
Oh, but the message of God! We are dust, unprofitable says Paul. A chunk of coal has profit but we are unprofitable. That means there is nothing to start with. No inherent value to begin a new work. No promise. Nothing. Restoration? NO!

Regeneration, yes! What are the chances of the elect being regenerate? well, 75%, 85%, NO! 100% Yes! How many are elected? An innumerable host in heaven! All nations, colors, languages will be there. This is not folly. Pelagianism is folly. The preaching you hear today from the many pulpits is folly. The gospel is not folly but truth for men, women, rich, poor, famous, unknown, etc. on and on. Our hope is in Christ who became dust for us that the glory of God would be manifested!

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Anonymous said...

My hope blessed Jesus is anchored in Thee, Thy righteousness now covereth me. A home in Heaven now belongs to me. My hope, my hope is in Thee.
Wonderful Saviour, all glory to Thee.
In Thee is salvation, so rich and so free.
I'll shout forth Thy praises throughout eternity,
My Saviour, My Saviour, my hope is in Thee.