March 2, 2009


If Cyber ink has to dry then my post yesterday wasn't dried before I turned on the TV and by chance saw Love Worth Finding with Adrian rogers preaching, "All Men Have Some Light!" He stated all men have some light, built in knowledge of God through creation and conscience. As this light is refused it increases darkness.

This sermon was posed before the question: Is God righteous and fair to let a sinner die and go to hell who has never heard about Jesus? (I get tired of typing these words; "sinners die and go to hell because of the sin of Adam." It is called justice. If a sinner dies and goes to heaven it is called mercy. God is righteous! Who in America believes in original sin anymore?)

This sermon is the root of the little god ideals spouted by minority unorthodox theologies. If a man prior to the mid nineteenth century had preach such a sermon to a similar national audience pulpits would have been ablaze with rebuttals. There is no voice of protest.

He abuses John 1:9 to say this light is in every man and neglected to read v. 10 that says the world that was made by him did not know him. There is no universal light that shines within all men. This is the seed thought of a cult that eventually escalates to a non-trinitarian, another gospel and another Christ movement.

Eventually all this will emerge as a massive majority view and instead of Joseph Smith, Ellen G White and Charles Russell it will be the charismatic leadership of Adrian Rogers who is even now immortalized as a model for Evangelical preaching.

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WatchingHISstory said...

I struggled with the title "Heresy" Adrian Rogers was not a heretic but the "little gods" views are heretical and the "inner light" views are heretical. We have no problem identifying the heretics of JW, Mormonism, Prosperty and wealth, Jesus only etc so it should not be a streach to say tha AR was on the path to heresy. Not only AR but the vast majority of Evangelicals are on the path!