September 2, 2008


Adrian Rogers, Dave Hunt and Ergun Caner

What do Hyper-Arminians believe? Let us define them by what they don't believe.

1.) They deny that predestination is absolute.
2.) They deny original sin
3.) They deny that personal election is decreed from before creation.
4.) They deny the Father the right to choose (adopt) His own Children.

5.) They deny the Holy Spirit the right to cooperate with the Father in choosing.
6.) They deny God's Word to always return back to Him valid.
7.) They deny God His absolute sovereignty.
8.) They deny the Bible to declare man dead in trespasses and sin.
9.) They deny God to add to the Church those who should be saved.
10) They deny the truth that pragmatism will not prevail.

Hyper-Arminianism is a cancer that has done more damage to American Churches than any other evil.


bill poore said...

Thank you brother for proclaiming the absolute truth.

WatchingHISstory said...

Thxs for dropping by