September 1, 2008

New BBC Open Forum

Michael, the daughter of Saul (and one of David’s wives) looked down from her window. When she saw King David leaping and dancing before the Lord, she was filled with contempt for him. (II Samuel 6) NASS has contempt for Steve Gaines similar to the feeling that Michael had for David, her husband. Bellevue's choreographed worship dance has stirred the anti-Steve Gaines people. It has renewed a barrage of non-theological/biblical complaints based on cultural tradition determined by dispensational views of what is decent and orderly. These traditions are accepted as biblical. (See item #5 in Scofield's footnote to I Cor. 14:1) Traditions are called injunctions. Worshipful dancing (my problem is that it is choreographed rather than spontaneous) at Bellevue is falsely called a biblical injunction. Quickly the dancing is further denounced by bkwormgirl as blasphemously tied to the Willow Creek Association. The closest tie of any Church to the anti-Christ is the Purpose Driven Movement. Of course Bellevue Baptist is not a member but the former pastor endorsed Rick Warren's book!

Go to NASS' current post and link to the six shameless criticisms of Gaines.

The anonymous NASS, secluded in "her parents basement," is the shepherd of her "notasstepfordsheep". It is a closed forum to those who have a grudge against Steve Gaines and his adminstration. Their belief is that the once prestigious Bellevue, under Dr Rogers' leadership, has been high-jacked by the Gaines regime.

It is my alleged belief based on past e-mails, now deleted, from NASS that she had contact with the Rogers family and that she was informed that if there were negative statements about Dr Rogers they should be deleted. She assured me that there were people who did not take a liking to anyone criticizing Rogers. Apparently no one restrains her from criticizing Gaines.

She opposed my comments about Paul Williams sodomizing his own young son and my implications that this had God's hand of judgement on it. She assumed that I meant that all victims of molestation are judgements from God. I plainly denied that.

I have stated over and over that my criticizing of Dr Rogers was directed to theology and methodology tied to his erroneous Arminian (falsely called Biblicist) views of the gospel. I have avoided the type of assassination that takes place regularly on NASS' blog.


John Mark said...

Have to admit, Charles, when you're right (occasionally) you're right.

NASS is just a bitter, angry old woman. Sheep are sheep because they follow the flock, but that 'person' (for lack of a more acceptable word) so clearly wants to be in charge that there's nothing sheepish about her. One of the 'dark siders' told me what one of her former Sunday school teachers thought of her, and it wasn't very positive. No surprise she's not married.

Her whole problem is that her iron-clad sense of propriety got bent out of shape when Adrian Rogers convinced the pulpit committee to call a redneck to be his replacement.

NASS posts on other blogs as "Lucy" (not her real name). I wonder if she chose that name for any particular reason? Short for Lucifer, maybe?

As for "BK", she's just one of the crowd who's unable to walk by faith. She has to tie her tenets to what she can see, so Rick Warren becomes Satan, and Steve Gaines the false prophet. She's in for some real problems later in life (she's still just a child) if she really thinks that Warren and the Assemblies of God are the worst threat the church faces. Wonder what she'll think when the United States government starts coming into Sunday morning worship and killing people? Like the Bible foretells? A little more serious than raising your hands during a moving song, I'd have to say.

I say go ahead and let them rag on Steve Gaines. Their loss. Too bad they waste so much of their lives when there's a lot to be enjoyed, but maybe it's just us old fogies who can see that. Twenty, thirty, forty years from now, they'll say "gee, wish I had the good old days back again."

WatchingHISstory said...

John Mark
Thanks for commenting!
However that part about Lucy and Lucifer was over the line and should not have been said.


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