September 29, 2008

An Interesting Conspiracy

Anonymous said on The Cakes Report Sept 26, 10:53 PM: "I choose this method to bait this little man. I justed picked up where you (OC) left off and NASS thought I was not going to say anything. In fact NASS if you read this, you and I spoke around 3 pm this afternoon as I was driving back from Knoxville. Please keep my identify quite for a few more days. I have one more to flush out. I did not let her know what I was doing because I did not want her to think less of me cause I knew I had to cross lines that most conventional Christians would not go. Enough of turn the other cheek. And NASS you ROCK.

These Christians are upset that I used graphic language to try to explain to them that Paul Williams sodomized his own son. Bellevue washed the sodomy with legal speak, "moral failure". It seems to me that Baptist can't deal with the truth that one of their own working closely with Adrian Rogers sodomized his own son. They say, "how can you know?" Well, duh!! egregious, perverse, sexual activity does not mean father was kissing his son in bed. Then they say if Chris wants this to be told then he should tell it himself. Seems they don't want it told!

This was my comment that got them angry: "David Brown, CAKES and Chris Williams, None of you are homosexuals. GMOMMY is leaving the impression that you are. That didn't come from me but is a product of her own making. There exist in her mind that she can have me saying that you are all gay and thus discredit me.Listen, everyone who has the capability to think rationally.This is a woman whose own victimhood is affecting her thinking. Her logic is a dismal failure!She says: "Only an very ignorant person would declare a victim of abuse a pervert!"This issued from her own irrational mind!She said: "YOU may be a homosexual pervert because you get off on the graphic details...but YOU don't decide who else is a homosexual!!!"She can say that I maybe a homosexual pervert..that is ok for her to say but she turns around completely and says I don't deceide who is a homosexual! She can but I can't!!!Listen, this is graphic and it is the only language that irrational people will hear. Paul Williams forced his enlarged erect penis into the small unlubricated anus of his own son. He made his son take his penis in his mouth and suck it. He did this over a period of 12-18 months. Now this is rank homosexuality. The Bible condones the stoning of a man who would do such a thing. It is an abomination in the sight of God. It is the sin of Romans 1 that God turns over to reprobation. It is a denial of the existence of a righteous God.

It is a Satanic offensive against me to silence me, a conspiracy to silence me. The evil green tentacles of Satan are reaching out in desperation to silent this issue.

oc said...Oh come on. Certainly he has some idea what tomorrow will bring. It may be much like any other day. But tomorrow, he will either awaken clutching his filberts, or grasping air where they should have been. This is a veiled threat, a conspiracy. It indicates discussions about how to destroy me. oc said...Gmommy,The NBVB? Just burn it. And make it HOT. I have no idea what "nb" means, but NASS and GMOMMY both used it in reference to me. I ask and they will not tell me.

Well lets just look at their attack. In anonymous words, he will cross the lines of Conventional Christianity to get me. Adrian Rogers spoke against "secondary cussing" so let's see if any of that took place.

Anon said: "little man who gives a s** (shit) about your blog. Your poor pious BS (bull shit) I'll bet he wishes he could retract his BS (bull shit) I don't give a rat's A$$ (ASS) about your religion. biblical crap (shit) stir up crap (shit) fat man crap (shit) Da** (damn) get it right

Anon said: "I have done nothing immoral or illegal"

Anon said: "I have a "B-safe" on my computers and I have an "accountabily" partner that meets with my wife to let her know what sites I try to visit." This is commendable for a person who has allowed pornography to rule his life. You know what they say about glass houses!

NASS says without clarification: "you need to shut the hell up!" I like that better, straight from the hip. To the point, she's no coward!

OC said: "...clutching his filberts, or grasping air where they should have been." This is men's bathroom language. Filberts are nuts, balls or male genitalia. The problem is this is in reply after NASS' lengthy response to me. No Christian should speak like that around a lady, in a casual nonchalant manner as if she is one of the guys.

Now this is where it gets graphic! Not guy graphic but girl graphic! NASS is trying to play with your minds. She wants you to think I am a pervert. (Paul Williams is a pervert. He is the standard for extreme perversion) She wants to create a word picture in your mind that I am sitting at a computer looking at pornography. Not just pornography but homosexual pornography. She wants you to think that I am masturbating while doing this. In all honesty, like anonymous I have done this before while sitting at the computer. I am not innocent! I am ashamed to say this. I have said over and over "I am a sinner saved by grace." But she wants you to think that I have done this while posting about this mess. There is no arousal about what Paul Williams did to his own son. When I say I am outraged, I mean it. I believe that there are
just a handful of people in this world who would be aroused by the Paul Williams story. You and I will in all probability never meet them. This is a perversion beyond human comprehension. To tie anyone to that would be a very sad misunderstanding of of the perverse nature of this minister's sin.

NASS said: "You know, I believe you get off every time you write one of your x-rated tales.
GMOMMY said: "You get off on the graphic details. I know you have the graphic part down so you can amuse yourself. Christian ladies!!! Christian ladies!!!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that 'anonymous' is OC. He loves the people OC loves, he hates the people OC hates, he's been to the places OC's been, and he speaks the same language that OC does. And he's been bowling with the same people OC's bowled with. And don't forget, for the first time ever someone has boasted on that provocative, hideous oaf.

Joshua Manning called it spiritual pornography. Sinning to your heart's content under the cover of darkness so that nobobdy knows but you.

OC's shown his true self, demonic, ugly, and scary. Satanic. And he disgraces our Lord by claiming to share the gospel with sinners.

Of course his 'real' identity will behave so much better now that he can get all the filth out of his system in the shadow of darkness.

Stay the course, Charles. Though OC may kill you, the real victory is found in Christ alone. Just don't put your grandchildren in danger. OC is a dangerous, scary man, so keep a safe distance from your loved ones. And keep a gun close by. There's no telling what a person like him is capable of, or what he's already done in his life.

John Mark said...

I have to respectfully disagree. OC might have taken a few too many punches to the head, and he may inappropriately fashion himself to be an intellectual like Mike and Sol, but that doesn't mean he's a loose cannon or in any way dangerous. He's just a big teddy bear.

Sure his 'anonymous' posts are a reflection of his inner demons, but that doesn't mean he's dangerous. Just the opposite, since they're evidence that he's afraid to act out his fantasies under his own screen name.

I suspect if he knew how much less people thought of him now he'd repent.


Anonymous said...

OC's trash. He's a coward who won't even show his face in a church, of all places. Chicken shit, that's what he is. He talks tough, but the bottom line is that he won't even talk his own hateful trash under his own screen name. Mississippi trash, that's what he is. His wife is an example for all of us. She took some medicine, came to her senses, and was out the door. We should all go with her. Pussies like him don't deserve the time of day from real men.

John Mark said...

Oh puhLEASE!

Get a grip, "anonymous". Just because OC's scared to show his true self unless it's under the 'anonymous' name (like yours) doesn't mean he's a puss. He's just worried about what his girlfriends will think about him.

I don't see where you're much better than him, other than you haven't spent any time with anyone on the blogs.

Choose a side, already.

WatchingHISstory said...

help me here, what does "nb" mean?

WatchingHISstory said...


I tend to agree with you. Anon's discussion is straying from the issues.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Charles. I've emailed that whole exchange to the FBI and under the Patriot Act they're entitled to pull IP addresses and get the records from the ISP's if they so choose.

Making threats across phone lines is a federal offense, and it's high time some of these 'Christians' got what's coming to them. With any luck, it might make CNN on some kind of human oddity page.

WatchingHISstory said...

Where is cakes? Is there a reason that cakes will not participate in these discussions on his own blog?

He will not moderate comments! He wants a free flow discussions.

Has his blog been hi-jacked?

Will he still go bowling with them?

WatchingHISstory said...

NASS emailed me and said that AR's daughter informs her if a post is critical of Rogers and she has to delete it.

She also said these people (supporters of AR) would act crazy if someone critizes AR and I should back off.

I have long since deleted that e-mail and I don't have it word for word but there is a connection to the Rogers family.

WatchingHISstory said...

of course NASS will call me a liar, however I ain't no liar!

WatchingHISstory said...

Here is NASS' "copy" of the e-mail

"The problem with mentioning Dr. or Mrs. Rogers very much on the blog is I start getting letters from [a Rogers family member] telling me to take down specific posts that don't put [Dr. Rogers] in the best light or that mention [Mrs. Rogers] at all. It just drives me nuts sometimes, and frankly, I get tired of having to deal with it."

Based on this it supports my belief there has been a degree of Rogers family influence with her blog.

She said "These people will chew you up and spit you out. That may not be fair, but that's the way it is." ...again her "copy"

"Get over yourself, Charles. You wore out your welcome a long, long time ago."
NASS I have never had a need to be welcomed or accepted by you and your blog. Being obedient to God has been my desire.

WatchingHISstory said...

anon said: "Please answer that and stay away from your homo phobia crap (shit)"

This is strange, indeed! I can call Rev Williams a pedophile and that is OK but I can't get by with calling a SBC Pastor a homosexual pedophile.

He did egregious and perverse things to his son. "Well you don't know what he did!" This is grown man young boy sex. He don't have any body parts that naturally conform to the penetration of adult genitalia. This took place for 12-18 months.

So who is homophobic?

What is all this about anyway? It is about a SBC pastor who did homosexual things to his son. At work today I was ask by a coworker how many more kids did he do this to? I said , we don't know. He said, you know his son was not the only one.

WatchingHISstory said...

NASS said: "If Paul Williams' son chooses to write about his own experiences himself, then that's his privilege. But it is NOT your place to speculate about whatever your demented mind dreams happened. You are doing nothing but revictimizing this young man every time you do so. You weren't there. You do NOT know what happened. None of us do. If he wants to tell his story, fine, but unless or until he does, you need to shut the hell up!"

The ultimate in arogrance is for you to tell me what to do. (no one pulls my strings. ha ha) If Chris wants me to shut up then he can. he doesn't need a lawyer to stop me all he has to do is tell me and I will stop using his name. (Anonymous will pretend to be Chris and post for him. That won't work.)

Surely he knows about me. NASS you and your sheep want to drive this victim deeper into his pain. You don't want him to speak up. You want him to be silent. You along with his father want the same thing for apparently different reasons.

You know he will be silent and you know I will not. So you presume to speak for him in order to silence me. But it is not working.

Straight Path said...

Fervent Brother Charles:

No offense...but I can live without your graphic details of Paul Williams' sex act. If you are trying to display the horror of Williams' crime, then Charles, believe me, I can't even BEGIN to fathom the pain and suffering Chris Williams has endured. HOWEVER...making an illustrative review of this sordid crime just makes me want to VOMIT.

I hope you don't get mad at me for telling you this. I am a very grieved ally. Honest.

Paul Williams' molestation was despicable, criminal, vile and repulsive. Paul and his wife should be locked up for SEVERAL YEARS!

In addition, I agree with Michael Reagan who claims Steve Gaines should have resigned.

Nonetheless, I can't see AT ALL where writing a minute by minute reenactment of this case is a blessing.

Straight Path said...

Straight Path said...


Stay away from the sin of pornography. There is nothing "adult" in it whatsoever. In addition, Satan wants to enslave you where God wants to use you effectively. Remember in the Bible it says, "I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes." Psalms 101:3.

If anyone raided Paul Williams' computer today, I bet they would find oodles of twisted porn and sick pictures. Whether it's homo porn, hetero porn or even Playboy, God is not pleased whatsoever.

Straight Path said...

Homophobia??? Just because somebody knows homosexuality is wrong and a sin against God, doesn't make them SCARED of homosexuals. How can any Christian call another individual homophobic? Do they ever read their Bible?

Dr. Rogers used to exclaim, "Homosexuality is a VILE sin against Almighty God." I agree with that, and if it makes me homophobic, GOOD!

Straight Path said...


All this asinine rhetoric regarding your blogs being reported to the FBI is a scream. Since I am a woman and have absolutely nothing whatsoever to hide, REPORT AWAY! Btw, this is so ridiculous.

WatchingHISstory said...


"No offense...but I can live without your graphic details of Paul Williams' sex act. If you are trying to display the horror of Williams' crime, then Charles, believe me, I can't even BEGIN to fathom the pain and suffering Chris Williams has endured. HOWEVER...making an illustrative review of this sordid crime just makes me want to VOMIT."

This is the outrage I am speaking about! God bless you!

I fully appreciate your not wanting to hear the graphic details. I am sensitive to your feelings. However there are "Christians" who need to hear this. They need to awake to the awful nature of this sin and know that a SBC pastor committed it. Not just any pastor but a pastor working for AR at Bellevue Baptist.

Thanks for all your words and pray for me and infact all men who are striving to live wholesome righteous lives. Satan has waged a war against men, specifically. The help that most churches and pastors are providing is sadly ineffective. This problem cannot be fenced in contained and controled. It requires a change of heart.

I heard LWF while driving home this morning from Church and AR refered to the "sinful part of our nature" I hollered out "sinful part" "our whole nature" is completely sinful. Perhaps this is a clue to why some sins slip through the cracks and are not dwealt with. They were not considered sinful parts of our nature.