January 21, 2009

Anti-Calvinistic Arguments - Continued

Adrian Rogers chaired the 2000 BF&M committee for the Convention. He met with able bodied men who thoroughly discussed all the assorted aspects of the document. Surely he was nothing less than Semi-Pelagian when he discussed original sin and enabling grace. He was an informed participant to the discussion of Calvinism. Like many of his peers he would argue for "mystery". Surely he would subscribe to the fact that there is an unknown element in the manner in which God grants a decision.

Yet when he stood in the pulpit he intentionally preached a deceptive message. He adjusted his belief so as to appeal to the common man. His presentation was a Pelagian argument. His straw man argument issued from a Pelagian view. Sadly all who listened and adhered to his sermons were led into Pelagianism. The common man in the pew cannot readily accept the ambiguity of Semi-Pelagian arguments. The simple ideal of all men having the capacity to choose is Pelagianism. This is not a small matter. It is not insignificant.

At the least Dr Rogers was insincerely wrong however the possibility exist that he was intentionally mischief with his theology. His attack may be an attack on the beliefs of Bible believers.

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