January 7, 2009

Rogers' Island

Greg Alford on Southern Grits and Sovereign Grace deals with the issue of SBC and Pelagianism.
He is a scholar I aspire to be. He commented last night Tue Jan 06, 09:55:00 PM 2009 to Wade's blog, Grace and Truth to You: But I do know that the “vast majority of Southern Baptist hold Pelagian beliefs of some sort or another…” Then I responded this morning at 7:29 AM.

This is the point I am crudely making on my blog with real person accounts in ways that are offensive to people. See Anon's comments on my two previous post and I am certain we will hear from him again today. He cowardly refuses to reveal his identity. He makes "drive by comments" and my windows are full of bullet holes! Ha! Naturally his comments are emotional and baseless.

Adrian Rogers built a ministry on the sandy mythical island of human goodness. He falsely attributes this goodness to an enablement of God's grace, so stated in his BF&M. His methodology insist on the existence of this island and the people he leads to Christ live on a similar island. On this island a sinner can make a choice to accept or reject Christ. Naturally he is not clear if everyone lives on an island like this or if only the elect. It seems from his altar call methods everyone, that is everyone in the building, do live on such an island.

This is a variation of Pelagianism and Pelagianism is heretical! Is this variation also heretical? In my opinion I tend to think so with growing understanding of it. Can you make a decision for Christ on a sandy mythical foundation and then move to a secure place, which he calls eternal security? (and boast that you are a one point Calvinist) I don't think so.

He has denied original sin, total depravity, election, predestination, sovereignty and unconditional grace. How close to heresy can you get?

I believe that he lived his "regenerate" life on this island and claimed growth in "sanctification" and by conduct even "glorification!" This is the reason for the charismatic attraction that his followers saw in him. "He could do no wrong." From childhood he and Joyce were such good people! He could build a great ministry without anyone questioning him. He was virtually unaccountable to anyone. Boards and committees were just mirrored reflections of his views.

When Joyce rushed to Steve Gaines to get an affirmation that her husband did not know about the awful crimes of Paul Williams she was asserting residence on this mythical island. Listen to me, Steve Gaines, a man just like Dr. Rogers in theology, saw for himself the sandy foundation she stood on and could not affirm her request. I believe that day her house crumbled from a faulty foundation.

While everyone else all around her were tainted with Adam's awful sin, she and her husband were clean from this issue. Adrian Rogers sits weeping in heaven.


Anonymous said...

Hw will really weep, if he isn't now, at The Judgment seat of Christ, in his glorified body,when he sees the loss of reward, and THE HARM HE HAS DONE TO THE CAUSE OF CHRIST.

bro. Paul Foltz

Anonymous said...

"335 hits Monday Jan 5"

And no comments. Why? Maybe because they're too busy laughing to type! When are you going to get the message, Charles? No one cares about your stupid pie story. No one cares about your hatred and jealousy of Dr. Rogers or your weird theology. No one cares that you have to make everything all about you! No one cares!!!

WatchingHISstory said...

anon 1:05 PM

apparently you are expressing a concern and that feeds my ego a lot!

WatchingHISstory said...

Paul, there are going to be a lot surprised at the judgement.

Agreed, he has done harm to the body of christ.