January 23, 2009

William Carey

Wouldn't you like to be able to go to India and labor for ten years without a single convert? I hear the virtues of Carey being praised from pulpits everywhere. With unwavering faith he labored steadfastly in the face of difficulties without a single convert! Oh my, I wish I was that dedicated!
Fret not thyself! Today, thanks to the development of Christian Science and media technologies you can go to India and see souls saved on the airplane before you get to India. The vision of Charles Fuller and the struggling missionary pioneer, William Carey, has been perfected and refined from a ten year struggle to a ten week crash course. In fact you don't even have to have the crash course. My friend if you have forty dollars to spare you can equip yourself! There are now 'means' to reach the lost. NavPress offers a "one verse evangelism" program for under, now don't miss this, $39.99. Evangelism Explosion offers a Level 1 Trainee Starter Kit w/ KJV Learning Cards for $34.95!
Today you can become a William Carey in the ease of your own home. Win friends and influence them to make a decision for Christ. In this day and time, if you are an Arminian, you have no excuse for not winning souls. No one but yourself hinders the cause. If souls are not saved it is your fault! Now go out there and get some decisions!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent satire on the sad state today. Rolf Barnard said ''What you decide, you can undecide.''

Salvation is not by a decison , nor by a profession, but it comes by revelation. The Holy Spirit revealing Christ to the heart through the Word of God.

Dr. Paul W. Foltz