October 2, 2008

NASS And The Naïveté Of Adrian Rogers

"Why didn't AR know? We don't know. I think, and this is my opinion only, that he was in some ways naive. Why else would he surround himself with some of the men he did, let himself be used by Patterson and Pressler, think Steve Gaines was so wonderful (when many of us saw through him from the beginning), endorse Rick Warren's PDC, or affix his name (see the Board of Reference) to this idiocy? He was also insulated, probably by choice. The philosophy around BBC when AR was there was that they didn't tell him anything negative. He didn't want to hear it. The answer to why he didn't know about PW is, I don't know. And neither do you.I suppose your answer will be that the Holy Spirit didn't tell him because of his semi-whatever theology. I've stated what I think was one issue with AR. I think he was naive, and I'm sure Paul Williams was always on his best behavior around Dr. Rogers, too. You've been around BBC indirectly through your family (more about that later) for what, at least 7 years now? Surely during that time you at least saw Paul Williams somewhere around the church. (Hope he was never alone with those precious grandchildren of yours. Ever lie awake at night and wonder about that?) Why didn't YOU "discern" he was a pervert? Why didn't YOU get a "word of knowledge" about PW?" The Cakes Report Sept 27, 12:51 PM


Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks that they are truly anonymous when they post should check into the history of the file sharing company Napster. A lot of parents got a shock when the record companies sent them bills for thousands of dollars.

Your ISP keeps detailed records of who's IP address goes where, and all the websites that were visited. That's how Kaylee's mom got busted for researching choloroform, and how the anthrax guy's personal emails were recovered.

Keep threatening violence and alluding to distributing spyware, and you might as well call the feds and tell them you're a criminal and want to be brought in for questioning.

The MPD doesn't have the name of the criminals who put the detective's life in jeapordy because the feds won't give it to them, but you better believe that they do have it. Just like they have everyone else's.

Ace said...

Mr. Paige,

You have an opinion about Adrian Rogers and his theology and how this is directly related to the child molester preacher. Certainly you are free to have your opinions and express them, as you have devoted most your blog to this subject.

You have shared this opinion countless times on various blogs. Your opinion is well documented. The 'owners' or moderators of these blogs have stated(sometimes forcefully) that they'd rather not discuss the subject, but that you are welcome to comment on other things. Yet, you persist to post the same things over and over again, purposely antagonizing the bloggers and sometimes almost clearing out the blog entirely. If anyone offers a kind reminder, you accuse them of being condescending. If they on occasion offer a response to your opinion that differs from yours, then they are ignorant and the product of Arminian theology.

I only know of you by that which you have written. And you have often come across as rude, judgemental, and obstinate (and also lonely and grumpy and sometimes creepy). I do not agree with the manner in which people have treated you and with the names and accusations. And neither do I agree with you knowingly setting yourself up to be berated. A self-martyr is no martyr at all.
Does the advice or critique that others offer ever receive consideration?

And BTW, if you read enough Calvin, you'll find out that he really wasn't a 5-pointer.

Anthony Johnson

WatchingHISstory said...

I am a five point Calvinist after the Synod of Dort. I have not read Calvin.