April 7, 2008

The Gospel According To Paul Williams

"Some offenders seek to vent their hostility, aggression, frustrations and insecurities on their victims. For these offenders, the act of humiliating and degrading their victims while gaining power and control over them is a major motivating factor. Offenders of this type are often sexual sadists, finding pleasure in physically and/or sexually torturing their victims, whether or not sexual intercourse actually occurs or not.....Other offenders can be seemingly emotionless. They may view their victims as objects, rather than people. Their complete lack of empathy makes them unable to care or understand that their actions are damaging to a victim - or, they are so consumed by their own needs that they are un-naturally able to discount their actions from the victims point of view in order to get that which they seek."

These words apply to Paul Williams and extend to the present. He has achieved control over every aspect of this situation. Every character in his play reads from his script. He produces and directs the production. His theology for his play was based in "Love Worth Finding". This love was interwoven carefully so that he would be the focus and thus not go to prison. Rather he enjoys a guilt free life in Sommerville, Tennessee. Perhaps he is writing another act to be added to his play.

His gospel includes forgiveness for himself. With his first introduction of perversion with his young son he spoke of forgiveness as he pulled the covers back from his sons tender body. This was an exclusive love between them that even the boy's mother must not know. It was a love so real that it had to be secretive. So the boy was drawn into a love so rare that he could not share it with his friends. It was personal between him and his father. This love was effectual in that to this day the son will not betray his love for his father. While the son hates the acts (which are criminal deserving prison for common people) he loves the sinner. This father's love will not release him to be free. If the son is freed then Paul goes to prison. It is better that the son suffers so that the father is free!

I don't have time and you probably would not read all that I could write about the characters in this play. The wife, Dr Rogers, Dr Gaines, his Sunday School class, counselors, associates and a multitude of friends. All are interwoven into his message of love and forgiveness. He has even modified his own dark depravity into a "moral failure." Yes, even an investigative committee by the Lord's Church played right into his hands.

Does this message sound anything like you heard from your Church last Sunday? Will you ever hear a sermon denouncing Paul William's sin? Will you ask yourself why? Is it because the Paul Williams of this world control us all?

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