April 1, 2008

Providential Work Of The Holy Spirit

In the same year of the Asbury College 1970 Revival there was a similar revival at Lee College in Cleveland, Tennessee (Lee University) Charles W. Conn, College President. We had two weekly chapel services at 11AM on Tuesday and Thursday. In a Thursday chapel the basketball team was in charge of the service and one of the players was suppose to give a testimony. Instead he broke down weeping confessing his back -sliden state and quickly the whole student body erupted in prayer. The altars were full of praying students. The faculty and administration remained seated and stone faced as they observed the out of control revival. They eventually retreated to their towers and dismissed classes for the rest of the day. Every dorm lobby and campus auditoriums were utilized for prayer meetings.
The revival continued through the weekend and culminated in a Sunday morning service at North Cleveland Church of God with student preachers preaching. The pastor, TL Lowery, remained in the background.
The result was many missionaries, ministers and other spiritual vocational commitments were made. God moves providentially in humble hearts. His moves are not exclusive to theological correctness but humble broken and contrite hearts. I like the word "sitting" as the correct posture. Sitting indicates passivity and contemplation. You maybe exhausted, sleepy or bored but if you are humble you are a candidate for an outpouring! God send your tired weary saints a revival!

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Asbury College has been known through the years for its history of great revivals. There have been several occasions when significant moves of the Holy Spirit have swept the campus and reached around the nation. In February 1905, during a blizzard, a prayer meeting in the men's dormitory spilled out to the rest of campus and the town of Wilmore. In February 1908, revival broke out while someone prayed in chapel; the revival lasted two weeks and was signified by prevailing prayer and intercession. In February 1921 the last service of a planned revival lasted until 6am, and services were extended for three days. In February 1950 a student testimony led to confessions, victories, and more testimonies. This went on uninterrupted for 118 hours and became the second leading news story nationwide; it is estimated that 50,000 people found a new experience in Christ as a result of witness teams that went out from this revival. In March 1958 revival began in a student fast prayer meeting that spilled over into chapel and lasted for 63 hours. In February 1970 student confession and testimonies led to 144 hours of unbroken revival; some 2,000 witness teams went out from Wilmore to churches and at least 130 college campuses around the nation. In March 1992 a student confession during the closing chapel of Holiness Conference turned into 127 consecutive hours of prayer and praise. In February 2006 a student chapel led to four days of prayer and praise. -from Wikipedia

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