April 8, 2008

Paul, The Godfather, Williams

Can't you see the tangled web Paul Williams weaves? I tried to find an analogy representing this web and I came up with kudzu however I settled with the Mafia.

With tentacles reaching from Palermo to Hong Kong, from Caracas to London to Brooklyn, the Octopus, the Sicilian Mafia's international crime corporation, has a stranglehold on a $100 billion heroin market and now has branched out into cocaine. Through the free flow of its laundered billions, the Sicilian Mafia reigns supreme over the entire world of organized crime. Beginning with the resurgence of Italy's secret society in the chaotic aftermath of World War II, this book traces the Mafia's operations, bloody internecine wars and insignificant retreats from law enforcement assaults as it wrestled dominance from local criminal families.

The tentacles of Williams reach in every direction. This is typical of sexual predators. Their evil tentacles penetrate deep into the victims body and soul keeping control over them for the rest of their life. No matter where the victim travels or what vocation they choose or family they raise those invisible tentacles are attached. It maybe that they are never separated from the attachment. They will carry a handicap for the rest of their life.

I hate Paul Williams. I can't distinguish between the sinful stain and the man. The name Paul Williams is synonymous with child rapist. He is the personification of Satan himself. I can substitute the name Satan for Paul Williams. Especially despicable is the fact that he was an ordained SBC associate pastor. That makes him sinner number one in America. Pagans cringe when told what he did to his son in 1987 for 12-18 months. The expression on their faces say "don't tell me about this!"

I relate this to you to evoke a response which I assume will be "where is the love, Charles?" "Why are you so angry, Charles?" "You need serious help, Charles!"

Open your spiritual eyes and see the green evil tentacles of Paul Williams wrapped around your heart.

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