April 18, 2008

Another Church Related Child Sexual Predator

Fall Creek Falls State Park (near Spencer)

Early last year I was surfing the internet and came across a Church web-site that had archived a sermon by a very good friend. I listened to the pastor's introduction of his guest minister and he strangely referenced his own molestation as a child by a man in Spencer, Tennessee. I was a bit taken back by that openness and then continued to sit back and listen to my friend's sermon.

I shelved the molestation reference in my mind and it came to mind a month ago. I was born and raised in McMinnville, Tennessee, just down the mountain on highway 30 connecting to hwy 70 south into McMinnville. One afternoon I felt led to call the pastor and we talked freely about the molestation for nearly an hour.

A few days of short e-mail exchanges I said to him:
Thanks for the reply. I want to publish the &*%# name in Spencer (without using your name) to bring attention of what has happened with child molestation right in the Bible-belt of America. However Tennessee has no statue of limitations on this crime and it could open a can of worms. My hurt is that we will protect the molester and multitudes of crying victims go unheeded. Do you think you were the only victim of this molester? You have confronted these things a long time ago and you are OK. Are there others who are not OK?
My pain is that I live everyday with people telling me that, "judgment is in God's hands not yours." Can I publish his name without using yours? I will respect your wishes.

He replied back to me: No, you may not. I don’t believe that this is necessary. He lives out of state anyway. And the other family members are not responsible for his sins. One of them serves in ministry and knows what has happened forty years ago. Do understand that this happened forty years (ago). I have forgiven him and he does not torment me, I am free
Please don’t take on an offence

Without exceptions (well one) everyone has told me that this is not my business. I should never publish the man's name. But isn't this the problem? We are quiet and that is exactly what ALL pedophiles delight in. Does 40 years matter? The tentacles of this predator span all these years and my closest friends become another tentacle for this man to discourage exposure.

Do I believe that the young man is free of this tormentor? No! This child was four or five years old when this grown man molested him. A vital part of this child's life was taken from him never ever to be restored. Yes, he can be delivered to cope with life but the experience is seared into his soul with a hot iron.

No, I will not publish any names to protect the victim. However it is my hopes that in some way the pedophile will hear of this and know that there is someone who knows what he has done and may he live everyday of survival looking over his shoulder thinking "does that person following me know what I have done?" May he never rest in peace!
links: Spencer, Tenessee, located between McMinnville, Sparta and Pikeville.

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