April 13, 2008

Paul Williams, I Hope To Make Your Life Miserable (unfortunately I'm just one man)

"Carelessness leads to arrests. Loose talk and strange behaviour attracts the attention of police. Secret work needs vigilance and care. Rules of secrecy help to mask our actions and overcome difficulties created by the enemy." (from instructions about maintaining secrecy in spying)

A sexual predator has to be always careful and never take for granted that his sin can be uncovered. He uses incentives both rewarding and coercive to maintain his victim's cooperation in secrecy. Every contact must be maneuvered with caution so that a slip-up doesn't blow his cover. Paul Williams had a good man to work with to protect his cover. Adrian Rogers was a well disciplined and predictable man who was easy to "pull the wool" over. Seventeen years of secrecy confirmed this truth.

Mr Williams knew that Steve Gaines spelled trouble for him since he was an erratic and unpredictable person. It would have been just a short time till his cover would be blown even without the son coming forward. He mastered this eventuality and perhaps had gone over this scenario many times in his mind. His own forgiveness and tampered judgement was part of this scenario. To this day many have played a part in his own web of self centered devotion. The worst thing that anyone can do to Williams is gnash their teeth and lament a painful cry for the victim. The best thing they can do is allow other people to bear his reproach. As long as Steve Gaines and Bellevue can suffer the consequences then less attention will be directed to Paul Williams.

Any forgiveness he experiences does not come from Christ but his own web that demands that good people look favorably upon him. He masters his own forgiveness. If you are not loving toward him he will insure in subtle ways that you are unloving and Christ-like.

You may ask, Charles, what can I do to help Christ's kingdom in this? Weep, weep and weep for the victims. Refuse to be forgiving to these predators. No matter who admonishes you to act lovingly to the predator ignore them. Ignore them at all cost.

Paul Williams does not deserve mercy on this earth. Christ's admonition to him was neglected by Paul, himself. Paul, you should have rowed a cheap boat out to Lake Enid and tied a short rope around a millstone and the other end around your neck and thrown the stone overboard. No, you sodomized your own young son and he will never recover from it. He would have coped with your death as that is the common lot of us all to eventually loose a parent. To be sodomized by one's own father is so sinful as to be disgusting among even the worst of pagans.
Your son will never recover! He will cope and move-on but will never recover.

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