June 21, 2008

Gnashing Of Teeth

We normally associate the gnashing of teeth to torment and pain because of the views of tormented souls in hell "gnashing their teeth" in torment. Rather they are gnashing their teeth in rage and anger toward God. They are God haters, along with the devil and his angels. Those in hades honor and recognize God as just and righteous but when they are 'cast' into the pit they are eternally teeth gnashing 'God haters'.

Teeth gnashing is a unconscious habit reflecting inner rage and anger. There are stress related habits of grinding of the teeth, particularly at night and this seems to be different from gnashing of teeth. Gnashing is a clicking of the teeth associated with wailing expressing fierce anger at an opponent.

I have this habit and it drives me nuts! I have ask the doctors and my dentist and the only solution so far short of just breaking the habit is to wear a teeth protector. But this would be inconvenient during the daytime when the gnashing takes place. I have tried chewing gum but I can not chew gum beyond the sugar stage. That also drives me nuts!

This habit has been with me during this blog. I have acquired an inner rage against preachers starting with Paul Williams and Adrian Rogers. It has expanded to 'Arminian' ministries that have created an enormous mess of American fundamentalism. Catholic priest, liberal preachers, Unitarians of all sorts ,on and on, they don't bother me. Free-will preachers, anti-Calvinist preachers who have exploited the masses with their message and built large empires and acquired wealth on the backs of the common man drives me nuts. Those who claim the inerrancy of scripture and the sovereignty of God and yet continue on in their ungodliness. They drive me nuts! Nuts, I tell you. Parents, shield your children from these predators.
Keep a vigilant watch over their souls. These preachers will devour their lives and leave them bankrupt financially and spiritually.

This rage is a righteous rage! It is a precious gift entrusted by God to caring souls. It is only given to common people; simple men who are not entangled with the hierarchy. It is the basis of a just society and if it is deprived from society then that society is doomed to a downfall. When you attend the typical large fundamentalist Church they will insist you abandon this rage or else go somewhere else. This rage is incompatible with their 'peace' and 'unity'. They will exorcise this rage from you! If it prevails their empire will crumble. Slow down Charles, people will really think you are nuts.

Now let me tell you what will happen if this righteous rage goes awry. Steven gets stoned. (Acts 7) Innocent men get destroyed. Heads get chopped off. People are burned.

Yet, America needs this revival. A radical revival that forces these preachers to take notice and know that they will not be able to stand before God in judgement and they should start now in straightening up. May God use this blog to start such a revival!

Do you get the idea I hate false preachers?

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