June 3, 2008

Where WAS The Outrage?

Adrian Rogers would have done the same thing Steve Gaines did about the awful revelation of Paul Williams. However the only difference in my opinion would have been Dr Rogers' recognition that this took place under his watch care. He would not have offered a self justification as to why he was not aware of the crime. Dr Gaines did not partake in the dramatic period and so he was distanced from the responsibility. He was involved in the unraveling stage.

Dr Rogers may not have been able to deal with the pain of knowing such a terrible crime took place right "under his nose." There would have been unbearable shame for him to bear.

However what amazes me is the quickness of Joyce Rogers rushing to call Mike Fleming's afternoon radio talk show prior to Christmas 2006. Baptist Blogger posted: "She explained how challenges to the legacy of her husband brought her from silent grief to express sorrow for friends and strength for the many Southern Baptists who are watching the strife in Memphis from a distance."

Reported by Brooke Sanders:
"Wednesday afternoon, Action News 5 spoke with the widow of long-time Bellevue Pastor, Dr. Adrian Rogers. Mrs. Joyce Rogers said she wanted to set the record straight, and said her husband knew nothing about claims that Bellevue minister Paul Williams molested a child.
"Mr. Williams told me that himself, that my husband did not know," Rogers said.
When asked why it was important that the public knew Dr. Rogers was unaware of the situation, Joyce Rogers replied, "I think it has to do with his integrity, and his manner of dealing with things like this. He would have dealt with it immediately."

There was no expression of outrage or shame directed to Paul Williams rather there was the implication that her defense was concerning the crisis of leadership at Bellevue. Steve Gaines and not Paul Williams was the problem. She contributed to the divide in Bellevue's membership and created a greater problem for Gaines.

What should Bellevue have done? In hindsight the Church from pulpit to pew, from Nashville to Memphis should have expressed shame that they had been unwillingly accomplices by omission to this horrible crime. They bore the guilt by proximity and the people suffering from this crime would have benefited from a gesture of wailing repentance in sackcloth and ashes. There were stiff necked reactions and most certainly Dr Rogers wept from his advantaged view in heaven.

Of coarse this will not go away for me and I continue to express my outrage. I am a lone voice crying in the wilderness.


Paul W. Foltz DD said...

Amen, Brother Charles. Too bad no more are crying out.
Paul W. Foltz DD

Straight Path said...


I believe Joyce Rogers is overrated just like Adrian. If their children are all into PDL, then I wouldn't doubt if they are also.

I remember that it really bothered me years back when I first realized that Adrian and Joyce Rogers got into prestige.