June 5, 2008

Rape of Faith

Chris Williams has suffered a spiritual defeat that he will possibly never overcome. Paul Williams has committed a sin that will not be forgiven on this earth. I John 5:16; Heb 10:26
Paul Williams will live the rest of his life wishing every moment he was dead. As a believer he should have killed himself (Luke 17:2) rather than have done what he did to his son. It would be easier to stand before the Lord for suicide rather than the way he will now stand before the Lord.

Chris will join those under the altar whose "souls" were slain for the word of God, and the testimony which they held. Rev. 6:9-10 When Paul raped Chris, repeatedly for 12-18 months, there was physical tearing and hot spiritual searing. As Chris strives toward eventual glorification he will encounter problems that most of us will never know. Practical sanctification will develop around spiritual scar tissue and he will struggle with grace issues and the fairness of God toward him. He will live with an insurmountable doubt created by his father.

It is useless to pray for Paul. Paul needs to be constantly guarded for the remainder of his days from being around children. Chris will be nagged internally about his own trustworthiness. For Chis this will be a secret struggle he can't share with anyone.

We should pray constantly, without ceasing, for Chris and for his wife who stands by his side.
He holds a special unique testimony and a place under the altar. Chris will be given a white robe and the assurance of the rest he yearned for on this earth.


Paul W. Foltz DD said...


Any way Paul should be kept away from all children.

Chris should be prayed for, but he is not among those souls who will be slain in the coming Tribulation period. to say so does damage to the Word of Our God.
Paul W. Foltz DD

WatchingHISstory said...

I am not a dispensationalist so I don't have to view the Bible in the way you do. So that means we will have to agree to disagree.

However I know I am pushing the envelope on these two points and you rightfully point them out to me. I am appreciative to you for that.

I believe with my whole heart that the Christianity has sadly missed this issue, almost dismissing it as not important. I believe that Paul Williams has committed this sin unto death and someone should suggest it LOUDLY. This is a sordid crime committed not by a regular "pervert" in the world system but a SBC ASSOCIATE ORDAINED MINISTER UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF REVEREND ADRIAN ROGERS AT BELLEVUE BAPTIST IN MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, THE FLAGSHIP CHURCH OF THE GREAT BAPTIST DENOMINATION. A DENOMINATION THAT REVERES THE INNERANT SCRIPTURES AND ESPOUSES CONSERVATIVE VALUES.

His son has endured tribulation that few of us will ever understand and he deserves the most precious place in heaven and that has to be under the altar of God, close to the throne.

The failure to acknowledge this is the greatest harm that has ever been done to our Word of God and will result in the greatest judgement American Christianity will ever see.