June 9, 2008

Richard Land, It Is At Bellevue Baptist In Memphis!!!

"In a culture engulfed and submerged in moral relativism, children are particularly vulnerable to the depraved sexual appetites of adults. Loving parents who bond with their children will stop at nothing to keep them out of harm's way, protect them from imminent danger, and rescue them from crisis. Yet the evidence of how America raises her children looks like anything but such loving care.
Child abuse is at epidemic proportions in the United States, at all socioeconomic levels. It is an issue for which everyone must take responsibility, both in terms of reporting and adequate supervision of children. And we all need to examine the societal reasons that have turned this country from the child-nurturing society that it once was to the child-neglecting and child-abusing society that it is now in the first part of the twenty-first century.
Children who have been victimized bear emotional scars and are tormented by the fear they will be targeted again. Too often, their psyches damaged, they pass along the ugly legacy of violence against children." Read the article here. Reaping the Fruit of "Life Devalued"Child Abuse and Neglect by Richard Land


Straight Path said...


Can Paul Williams still be charged with a molestation crime or has the TN statute of limitations expired?

WatchingHISstory said...

I wish he could! It is an open question to my knowledge and it is being handled by the authorities. I suspect that it has been swept under the carpet. A lot seems to depend on the son pushing for a charge.

I have replied to your other comments.
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Straight Path said...

What about Bellevue and Steve Gaines, Charles? Can't Bellevue be sued NOW for harboring a child molester that raped his own son?

WatchingHISstory said...

I don't know. My guess is that there would have to be a criminal charge, probally brought on by the son. An acessory charge would be brought against the parties in the church for harboring a molester IMO

Perhaps pressure could be exerted toward the Church to force a settlement for Chris as acknowledgement of his pain in part brought on by the Church. I think that might restore credibility to the Church and even restore credibility to Adrian Rogers' legacy.