December 14, 2008

Can You Spot The Error? (Thought I Had Forgotten?)

"To be true to himself and to his holy standards, God justly sentenced Adam and Eve to death and expelled them from the garden of Eden. Thus, Paradise, happiness, and everlasting life were lost, while sin, suffering, and death resulted. What a tragic development for the human race! However, immediately after sentencing the couple, God promised to undo all the harm resulting from their sin without compromising his own righteous standards.
Jehovah purposed to make it possible for the offspring of Adam and Eve to be freed from sin’s deadly grip. He accomplished this through Jesus Christ.
Through him, God will eliminate sin and all its effects and will make the earth into a global paradise, just as he purposed in the beginning." *

Without looking at the source can you detect the error in this passage? There is a hidden error and you may not find it without cheating. It is a disguised message to conceal the error.

edited to add:
This treats the actions of God as an afterthought brought on by the sin of Adam and Eve. There was no need of redemption nor a redeemer prior to this event. My Jehovah Witness friend confirmed this belief and when I ask him about the foreknowledge of God he said that God did not foreknow this event.

* source

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