December 25, 2008

Warning To Adrian Rogers' Followers!

The Om SakthiSpiritual Movement (from their website)
Humanity stands at a point in history where the world is shrinking and our different cultures and religions are in conflict. This has the potential to destroy almost everything we have accomplished in our short time on this world. This diversity is the wealth of our world and should be embraced. If people realize that we all share the same God and that He/She has allowed us this diversity so that we can each find our own way to Her/Him, then we can accept our differences and even embrace them in peace."
"Also known as the Adhiparasakthi Movement, the purpose of the Movement is to bring Adhiparasakthi's message to the world and serve humanity by helping those in need. Our Guru, known as Amma (Tamil for mother), is the Guiding Light and Spiritual Force behind the Movement. He/She teaches that the greatest form of worship is service to humanity and that we can all serve God together within our individual religions without strife, thus the motto: "One Mother One World." The Movement undertakes many charitable and educational activities and urges its devotees to take an active role in helping people in their communities."

The message Dr. Rogers preached has the early beginnings of synchronization that makes it acceptable with the Om SakthiSpiritual Movement. His free offer to man is the humanistic leaven that satiates the whole loaf. The modern emergent gospel will be a part of the one world religion ruled by the antichrist!

The biblical message of grace is unacceptable to a one world rule. Election and predestination authored by a sovereign God are incompatible with the World's systems. There is no wiggle room for human reasoning to decide. The principles of grace of necessity must be altered to be considered by the world as acceptable.

If your gospel is derived from a steadfast adherence to Dr Rogers, you should seriously consider the problems and prayerfully study the Bible for a correct course. The problems are not minor as so many say but they are major and they have serious consequences. This is a love worth serious analysis as to its biblical content.

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Anonymous said...

Cursed be the man who trusts in man.

No preacher is to be followed blindly.
If what he preaches is not according to the Bible, he is not to be followed, nor honored.

Dr. Paul W. Foltz