December 9, 2008

A Strong Delusion!

"Could we be warned to not face an angry God with our delusions. Our delusions will melt in the fires of God presence.

The elect of God cannot be ultimately deceived yet Satan desires desperately to deceive them.
The elect can be a part of the end time falling away and they can come under the influence of delusions. These delusions need purging and a constant battle is waged by the elect to resist them. These delusions are not always purged and the elect carry the works produced by these lies into eternity. There they are burned as chaff in the heat of God's judgment.

Jimmy Swaggart was purged of his sin through embarrassing exposure. As a result we have plastered for ever the awful expression of a man crying: "I have sinned." it is better to suffer here for the wrongs done than to stand the exposure of these sins in heaven. Swaggart has suffered the loss of a great ministry and the price has been great! Better here than there!

Now everyone of us will face this judgment. Especially dreadful will be the judgment of ministries. Those who have been entrusted with much will suffer a greater accountability! There will be many cries of Lord, Lord, didn't we preach your Word, didn't we win souls? There will be a division in heaven between those whom God knows and those he did not know. I believe that this refers to relationship and not destiny. There will be the "first" and the "last."
The first will experience preeminence and the last will suffer shame of exclusion. Some will rule over golden estates and others will merely sweep streets of gold. All will be eternally glad they are there!

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