December 14, 2008

Prevenient Grace

I wholly reject any ideal that PG is scriptural. I was raised in a Wesleyan Holiness Pentecostal Church. French L Arrington wrote, "Unconditional Eternal Security, Myth or Truth?"
He states: "Without Jesus Christ as their Savior, all people share a common spiritual condition - inwardly and outwardly sin dominates their lives. Failing to seek god, they are in a desperate condition (Rom 3:11). But when someone seeks God, it is evident that God through His grace, is seeking that person. This requires the inward prompting of the Holy Spirit and shows a positive response to Jesus Christ. Such prompting is often called "prevenient grace," which is grace that prepares the way for us to receive saving grace or some other other enabling grace."
The Holy Spirit enables unbelievers to repent and to accept God's gracious invitation to salvation. Because the holy Spirit draws all people to Christ, each person is a candidate for salvation and can respond favorably to the call of the gospel, which is God's invitation to receive Christ as Savior and live the Christian life."

You must be born again to see the kingdom of God. Apart from the new birth you are not able to see the kingdom of God. The Holy Spirit baptizes the sinner into the body of Christ. Then the sinner sees the kingdom of God! After that he repents and is baptized in water to receive the remission of sins.

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