December 31, 2008

He Was Just A Man!

I've heard that over and over now
that he is dead and I have started this
blog. I have criticized not the man but his theology
and his ministry methodology.

But while he was alive he was a god in the sight of so many. The Bible was inerrant because he said so. People came to Jesus simply because he ask them. If he said, "don't buy a John MacArthur Study Bible," folks believed him. If he said pickles have souls then you stopped eating pickles! His wife shamelessly sang to him from the same pulpit that God's Word was preached and a teary eyed audience joined her in "man" worship.
Christ died with just a few friends to carry him to a borrowed tomb. Peter and Paul were martyred to the glee of heads of state. Adrian Rogers was memorialized as a head of state and now you say he was just a man!
May I remind you again as I have over and over that he was in close proximity to the worst sin imaginable, an ordained associate raping his own son and keeping it secret for seventeen years.
The lingering question is why didn't Dr Rogers know about it? Was God unable to break through and intervene? Did God let this happen and keep Dr. Rogers in the dark?
Is there something wrong here? Could God's wrath be stirred for some reason unknown to us?
Bellevue has now regrouped and moved on with Steve Gaines leadership. Little by little the church will grow back but where is the legacy that Adrian Rogers left?

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Anonymous said...

Keep on standing for the Truth in love, and you will be rewarded at the Judgment seat for it.

Too many professing Calvinists have an pelgian-arminian ministry.

Too many professing Calvinists use the Hollywood tpy of hper-evangelism.

God's Word, presented in God's ordained Way, will accomplish God's Will and Work.