October 7, 2008

Another NASS' Accusation

I am seeking credibility to the accusation that EB is Elmer Bailey and he is the retired staff, now deceased, who Paul Williams confided in.

added: "After Dr. Pollard became Pastor of Bellevue in 1960, Rev. Bailey became Bellevue's Associate Pastor and Minister of Education, and served in that position until retirement in 1981, totaling 22 years with two Southern Baptist Convention presidents, Dr. Ramsey Pollard and Dr. Adrian Rogers. During the years at Bellevue, Rev. Bailey and his talented wife Virginia led the church in strong educational and outreach programs. They will long be remembered for the scripts they wrote and parts they played in Bellevue's Singing Christmas Tree, Living Pictures, Memphis Passion Play, Celebrate America, and others.
Elmer Bailey became recognized in the Southern Baptist Convention as one of its most talented and effective church leaders. He led educational and church growth conferences throughout the nation, including conferences at Ridgecrest and Glorieta Baptist Assemblies. A fellow educational director and devoted friend, Henry Love, wrote the following for the Preface of Rev. Bailey's autobiography: "Over the past-half century Elmer Bailey has served in a wide range of ministry positions—religious educator, associate pastor, staff coordinator, church administrator, and musician. Elmer is a personable and caring individual and is abundantly qualified by education, experience, personality and dedication to Jesus Christ."
Rev. Bailey served the Shelby- Baptist Association, the Tennessee Baptist Convention, and Southern Baptist Convention in positions and offices too numerous to list. In 1988 he received the Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding Service with the Southern Baptist Religious Education Association.
Following retirement in 1982, Rev. Bailey launched a new ministry—Church Growth Basics, designed to assist churches in the areas of growth, Sunday School enlargement, and church administration. He also served as interim pastor and minister of education in churches in Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, and Arkansas. His last tenure on a church staff was that of Staff Coordinator at Germantown Baptist Church, 1987-1990, where Dr. Ken Story was Pastor. For several years Rev. Bailey served as an adjunct professor at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary." Rev. Elmer Bailey


Anonymous said...

Your doing a good job on finding out who EB is,
now find out who MC is.....

WatchingHISstory said...

...actually someone else told me who EB was.

Why can't you just tell me who is MC. I guess I can eliminate Mike Crouch, huh?

WatchingHISstory said...

QUESTION Why could not (or would not) EB want to keep AR in the dark?

Is there a dark secret here?

A red flag raises the question, is there another homosexual in the arrangement?