October 29, 2008

Perry Stone, What Are You Thinking!!!

A few nights ago I couldn't sleep so I was channel surfing and came across Perry Stone Ministries. The elaborate stage production caught my attention and I watched an enactment of Jewish courtship in a marketplace. Four girls and a young man were the cast members.

To see this go to Perry Stone Ministries and click on "Manna-fest" Rapture Revelation - Ancient Jewish Wedding-part 1, program #420. I came from the same Pentecostal denomination as Perry so I was interested in what he had to say. Fast forward to 18 minutes 38 seconds and watch the clip through 22:52. At 22:45 I was saying, "Perry, what are you thinking? Haven't you done any research at all?" (of course earlier he had stated that a lady had prepared the drama portion and she apparently had not done any research)


Straight Path said...


I watched the segment of the Perry Stone video you posted. What is wrong?

Straight Path said...


You are not being disrespectful to a dead pastor nor have you insulted his family.

Just curious, CP, why did you leave "Cakes" off your Who Authors "watchinghisstory too" poll? I will vote once you add the Obama endorsing Buddhist. "Cakes" lacks wisdom real bad and needs prayer.

Btw...did you know...?

You can change this blog time zone to TN time (Central Time)? I think it is currently on Pacific.

You can also change Comment Form Placement to Full Page (a lot easier for posting) instead of what you currently have - Pop Up Window.

WatchingHISstory said...


my new post will tell you what is wrong.

Why i left Cakes off the list . . . I don't know. I can't change it now but wish i could. So you think he might be the mastermind behind it! You caught me off-guard with that.

Thanks for the tips. When I say Iam computer illererate I really am! Thanks.

Any tips are greatly appreciated.