October 14, 2008

My Baptist Heritage

My great, great, great, great grandfather is Hezekiah Allen. My ggggrandfather, Barnabas and his brother Jacob Page married Hezekiah's daughters. Hezekiah was a member of the Holmes Creek Two Seed in the Spirit Predestinarian Baptist Church as recorded in 1820. Holmes Creek is a part of the Indian Creek district on the banks of the Caney Fork river in Dekalb County, Tennessee. My roots grow deep in hyper-Calvinism! ha!

Like the Two Seeds view it hardly exist at all today. Even Primitive Baptist reject it. Yet the greatest fear of theologians today, hyper-Calvinism, is non-existent.

Now on the other hand I am fearful of humanistic free will views. Hardly any one expresses this fear. This error is mixed with what little truth remains in American Fundamentalism.


Straight Path said...


I have responded to your email.

Straight Path said...


If Gmommy's husband worked with Michael Carrier, then Gmommy's husband must have been a minister at Bellevue. Right?

Straight Path said...


I know that you like to play these cat and mouse games but I am a tad more straightforward. Do you have any answers to these questions?

Did Michael Carrier THREATEN to sue Bellevue Baptist or did he actually file a lawsuit?

Why did Bellevue sue Cathy Wilson on July 7, 1988? Bellevue, at that time, was represented by Fargarson & Brooke.


Why did James A. Beckett sue Bellevue Baptist Church on Oct. 28, 2004? Bellevue was represented at that time by Farris, Branon & Bobango.