October 8, 2008

A Lot Of Questions

The Bellevue Investigation committee reported that Paul Williams had confided in a former retired staff member who had since died. Elmer Bailey had to be that staff member. This still needs to be verified but since the investigation didn't give full dis closer only assumptions can be made.

Apparently he was working with Germantown Baptist at the time. He and his wife had a rich career covering local and national exposure. The question I have is why wouldn't he go to Adrian Rogers with the information. He must have counseled Paul Williams to keep it quiet or Paul himself requested Bailey's confidence. Surely the right thing to have done was to warn Rogers as to this criminal act. Why didn't it occur to him to go to the authorities? Didn't the fact that this was the rape of a young child affect Bailey at all? Could Bailey approach Rogers or was it a case of intentionally not approaching him.

Did the Investigation committee ask questions about this situation and the legal ramifications of not going to the authorities?

Also the other question is the $500,000 settlement to the staff member. Again the lack of dis- closer obscures the truth. That is a lot of money for a man having an affair and embezzlement.
A court would have supported Bellevue. It seems to me that the whole truth has not come out about this. Was this man being paid to keep silent?

Would Rogers tell Sorrell to handle this and keep him (Rogers) out of the details?

Would you want your tithes and offerings to go toward this?


WatchingHISstory said...

GMOMMY, who is this minister? Does he still live in Memphis?
Don't you think this was hush money?

"... it is absolutely true about the cash settlement to the minister who had an affair and misappropriated church money.

I was very close to him before this came out...(during the time he was having the affair he was actually working with my husband) The "other woman" was a SS friend of my niece.

I didn't hear about the pay off until years later...but it now fits with confusing phone calls I had with the minister's wife.
I got confirmation from a BBC man who was a deacon and had very close ties with the seminary.

There is no confirmation about who actually suggested the settlement or at what point Bro R gave the OK (it was $500,000) but it did happen.
During a time when many of us were working together believing we could resolve the issues tearing down the trust....one of our truth seeker friends had a background in finance, budgets and non profits....he took the budget handout along with the questions answered at the budget meeting and explained how money from certain areas could easily be moved around and not bust the budget or raise a red flag." comment on The Cakes Report by GMOMMY

WatchingHISstory said...

$5oo,ooo is a lot of money for a settlement. This man knew sometning and threatened to tell IMO and Bellevue's lawyers drew up a non-discloser agreement. This agreement must be kept in a safe or several safes for security.

five hundred thousand dollars!!