October 29, 2008


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Please allow me this frivolity! This is too good! There is going to be some profanity involved, I offer no excuses for it. I'm convinced that Bellevue's response "moral failure" is as profane, perhaps worst than my description. I personally don't want to stand before God having called homosexuality "moral failure." I would expect to be struck by lightening.

If you are offended by my language, bear with me in my outrage. If you can not stand it, move on to other blogs. There is more and not from NASS' cowards.

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WatchingHISstory said...

In the third comment from myself (ourselves) to myself I/we say:

"So enjoy it. WE certainly are.

Hope we have made your day NB. You have OURS."

Who is the "we" here?