February 7, 2009

The Battle For Gospel Preaching

Murray makes the statement on p. 70 of his book: "So the preacher has not done his work when he has spoken of Christ and proclaimed the historic facts of salvation." (emphasis mine) "From there he must go on to urge the reception of Christ upon all men." This is hypothetical universal atonement, hypo-Calvinism. It is an attempt to appease the Arminians while being a "five point" Calvinist. It is an attempt to appear evangelistic in order to endure the free-willers. It is a deceptive theological position.

On the day of Pentecost Peter preached about Christ and the historic facts of salvation. (Acts 2:22-36) That is all. The Holy Spirit did the rest! They were pricked in their hearts when they heard him. "What shall we do?" Only then did Peter urge them to repent. The Bible is clear that unregenerate men are never urged to repent. When a Biblical offer for repentance is given it is in the general context that repentance is part of the gospel but never urged upon sinners.
The non-condemning Christ offered himself a sacrifice for the elect who will believe when the Holy Spirit regenerates. That is the message that we preach indiscriminately to the whole world. We preach convincingly in the power of the Spirit, believing that the Holy Spirit will give the increase.


Dr. Paul W. Foltz said...

amen bro. Charles, amen. A Dead man can't be urged to do anything.
only the awakened sinner can be urged.

Dr. Paul W. Foltz

WatchingHISstory said...

A Dead man can't be urged to do anything.
only the awakened sinner can be urged. Perhaps more people will catch on to what this means!

So true, Dr. Foltz