February 22, 2009

A Call To Apathy!

I've often wondered if the Holy Spirit works in a large Church like Bellevue Baptist with a famous pastor like Adrian Rogers. I have occasionally thought that perhaps the Holy Spirit has abandoned the Church and left them to their own man-centered devices.

However the Holy Spirit is still working in strange and mysterious ways. He moves among the common men. In spiritual issues doing nothing is preferable to doing the wrong thing. Most churches adopt the philosophy of pragmatic busyness. They quote the Bible "idle hands are the Devil's workshop" "Jesus is coming look busy."

Perhaps the Spirit is moving in the mist of the congregation discretely encouraging apathy! When Adrian Rogers preached evangelistically, soliciting decisions the Holy Spirit was whispering to men "let the preacher do what he does and don't get involved." When Dr. Rogers exhorted men to be soul winners the Spirit said to them, "ignore the plea."

Perhaps a great move of the Spirit took place and over a thousand people just sat there obedient to the call of the Spirit. They were not recognized for their obedience but in their hearts they knew they loved God and they would not be intimidated by motivation to be busy for the sake of busyness.

America is full of good obedient Christians who are not recognized instead they are the objects of scorn, Sunday after Sunday and through the week on TV and radio. They are the religious oppressed and some are persecuted for the sake of the name of Christ. They have not someone to open the good book at Isaiah 61 and say, "this day this scripture is fulfilled in your midst."

I exhort you to say no to:

1. Any witnessing class teaching you how to lead someone to Christ, just say no.
2. Say no to ascetic practices that make you feel you have earned God's blessings.
3. Say no to disciplining and mentoring, just say, "no thanks I have the Holy Spirit for that, He will teach me."
4. Say no to music entertainment, large orchestration and accomplished singing.
"No thank you, I will just sit here and make a joyful noise to the Lord!"
5. Say no to unity and yes to purity.

Join the massive ranks of good Christians who have been doing nothing for years. Rise up...er...sit there and do nothing. You are a member of a numberless body of people who dearly love God and are doing nothing. You will have your reward! See the salvation of the Lord! The Lord is faithful!


Chris Ryan said...

I don't know why one would have to be brave to comment, just stupid enough to feed your vendeta. I happen to be stupid...

1) Not everything wrong in the world is because of BBC. There are far more sins occuring every day that result in far more and greater evils.

2) You are correct that busyness for the sake of busyness would be wrong. However, to be busy about following the Spirit of God would be entirely different. To be busy "going therefore" and "doing unto the least of these" as the Father bids would not be busybodiness.

3) Your list of "Say No's" is disheartening. Why should I say no to anyone who is being led by God to form a choir that sings His praises? Others can make a joyful noise right along with them. Why would I say no to Jesus prayer for His body? Why would I say no to allowing those who have been given the spiritual gift of teaching to practice the Holy Spirit's work in them?

You make no sense. Unless, of course, you just want a bunch of people who will sit and stare at you dumbly while you fill their heads with nonsense saying that you are inspired by the spirit to be the only one who isn't apathetic in church life. My honest prayer is that this post is thoroughly sarcastic. But it is too much like some of your other posts to hope that too greatly.

WatchingHISstory said...

so you know of an evil greater than sodomizing ones own son?

I am honest in my post and you have not given it serious thought.
You have reacted emotionally, it is call knee reaction.

WatchingHISstory said...

correction - knee-jerk reaction

Chris Ryan said...

I can't believe that I am responding again, but I think that I must.

I am not responding either emotionally or in a knee-jerk reaction. On the contrary, I read through the post three times before I responded at all. Then I debated whether or not this was worth a response. Now I have prayed about whether a second response is warrented.

I can think of evils that cause more pain than sodomy (and I say that as a victim of such a crime at the hands of family, though not immediate family). Every day thousands are killed by genocide and the world does nothing to help the orphans who are left behind. Every day thousands wake in the morning and fall asleep at night with their belly empty as the world looks on praying that someone will feed them. We wonder why many of them don't believe in the power of prayer?! It is no wonder given how their prayers to be fed have fallen on the deaf ears of a population who tell them "Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed."

You can be honest in your post all that you desire, that does not make you right to advocate some of the things that you are advocating. There is a time to be still. But there is a time for action. What is required *now* is told to me and to others by God, and not by you.

I cannot say whether the Spirit prompted men to stay seated as Rogers called them to the altar. I cannot say whether the Spirit has prompted you to stay seated now. But for you to counsel the WORLD to stay seated so that Calvinism will prevail is ludicrus. If that is a correct understanding of your position, that makes you a hyper-Calvinist of the worst sort.

You can say that because of Adrian Rogers, Arminianism is proven false. Because he allowed a sinner to serve on his staff, I guess it must be so *rolls eyes*. But you must give me this: Arminius never had a man publically executed and sent to Hell for not agreeing with him. That honor would belong to Calvin. Does that prove Calvinism false, or are there followers of all brands who can use their theology for their own ends and not the ends of God?

WatchingHISstory said...


I cringed when I read your comment. The thought that this is far more prevalent than we realize is a sobering truth.

My issue is that this is between an associate pastor at Bellevue and his own son under the leadership of Adrian Rogers. The spiritual implications of this are greater than just fodder for an argument against Arminianism.

Chris, I deeply cherish your comments even though we disagree.

Just to be clear. Adrian Rogers would never employ a sinner nor a pedophile, intentionally. I have always said that I am critiquing his theology and methodology.

You said: What is required *now* is told to me and to others by God, and not by you. That is precisely my point in this post.
We have to listen to the Holy Spirit and not man; Rogers, Calvin or me!

Agree or disagree keep commenting, you are welcome.

God bless

R.U. Serious said...
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WatchingHISstory said...


I deleted you just to see if the delete worked. You can recomment if you like.


Chris Ryan said...

All those who buy that, I have some land for sale in the middle of the Sahara that happens to actually be a rain forest.

Very infantile, Charles.