February 5, 2009

Stifling Dissent

If people are not allowed to express their views about the color of the carpet in the sanctuary then they will be silent when an associate pastor sodomizes his own son.

When Jesus overturned the tables of the currency exchangers and merchants displaying anger toward them with a whip in hand he was the son of God. "My house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer?" He stood at the entrance and would not let merchants carry merchandise taking a shortcut through the temple court.

He was the Son of God doing this but he was also a man as well. He was a homeless man without any credentials, a stepson of a carpenter from Nazareth.

It was common folk who picked up stones to stone a high-handed violator of the Mosaic law. Where did the common man get this passion for the law? It was embedded in his mind. The judicial system starts with the passion of the common man. Sin abounds when the passion of the common man is stifled. Scholarship, appointed authority, judicial sitting and skilled leadership are not the source of the move of the Spirit among men but the obscure common man. God dwells in the hearts of men by regeneration. He is the source of the passion that humble men possess and that passion which is a powerful force in man should not be quenched.

If God wants the carpet to be purple then He will get the right carpet by giving a common man the passion for purple carpet. But if the common man is told that it is not his business what color the carpet will be then don't be surprised if nothing is said when an associate sodomizes his own son. The common man will just sit back and let authorities take control and usually sin is covered.

"The carpet should be purple and I am mad as hell!"

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