February 26, 2009

Free Will, Continued

The path of free will leads to Unitarianism. Free will is independence from God. The Christ of free willism is an independent 'god' who acts on his own authority. That makes the gospel 'another gospel'. Free will makes man a 'little god', free and independent from God, Satan's delight! The love of free willism is a 'sloppy agape' and they insist that it necessitates the true worship of God. "We can't truly love God if our will is not free." "We are not robots and we will love God without Him!" The love for God is reduced to human sentiment. That is why so much of Evangelicalism today promotes so much folly in worship. It becomes entertainment and seeing whose sentiment is best. Who can sing the loudest, who can sing the best, whose performance is the best, who weeps the most etc. etc.

Christ successfully resisted this in the wilderness. He maintained what God expects of us all, a dependence on Him alone. This is something the humblest among us understands, the unnoticed common man and something the proud and arrogant deny! Our education and discipleship promotes this independence from God. To achieve success without God's help.

Have the humble naturally understood this? No, the humble are given the understanding by God. They understand because God grants them the understanding.

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Dr. Paul W. Foltz said...

Amen, bro. Charles, amen. Salvation comes by blood and power to the elect sinner, who is dead in his trespasses and sins.

A dead man can't will, can't believe, can't feel, can't repent, can not contribute anything to his salvation.