February 24, 2009

Free Will

Today at work I ask two colleagues a question: do humans have absolute independent thought? Yes came the answer from both who were Christians of the SBC persuasion. I answered back no they don't.

Both responded that man has free will and therefore must have independent thought. My belief is that only God can have independent thought. He knows the thoughts and intents of man's heart. By virtue of creation he made us and gave us thoughts. "I know the thoughts I have for you." There is nothing hid from Him! Satan and his angles do not have independent thought. The angles who serve god's purposes do not have independent thought. All that was created is subordinated to God and have restricted thought. Humans don't have independent thought and it is an attribute of sovereignty alone.

The logos of God is communicable independent thought. It is the council of the divine trinity whereby thought is communicated in a predetermined manner. All that exist was predetermined by this logos. Christ is the logos and the logos is God. Foreknowledge is the ability of God to see into the future what was determined from His past council. What was planed did not occur by foreknowledge but by determined independent thought. It was absolutely free without influence.

Man does not have this attribute neither is it shared with man by God. The Shema of Israel addresses this with regularity in the gathering of Israel for prayer. "Hear O Israel, "Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God! The LORD is One!"

Man will assert and assault heaven and earth to defend his free will, saying "In order to love God man must have free will!" God is Love and all He determines is according to His own good pleasure. He puts the love in our hearts for Himself so that all things work together for good.

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Dr. Paul W. Foltz said...

That man has a free will is a myth perpetuated upon the human race by Satan himself.
Adam lost it when he sinned, and it became enslaved to his old nature. Man is free to do what he wants to do,and all he wants to do, is to rebel against God.

Dr. Paul W. Foltz