February 12, 2009

Heavenly And Eternal Salvation

My Jehovah Witness friend believes that God designed a perfect Eden for man to live in. He created a place for man to dwell and enjoy perfect fellowship with Himself. In this garden the world would be replenished and an eternal Kingdom established on earth. The fall of man was not in the mind of God and thus the plan of redemption emerged in war-like conflict. The plan of redemption was an afterthought, an interruption of divine plans by mortal men and fallen spirit beings. So now a patient God waits to test his creation as to who will truly follow His ways or rebel in disobedience. It will end in a destruction on earth of all evildoers and a final setting up of an "edenic" kingdom on earth ruled by an angel of God, Jesus Christ, the chief of Princes and his elect heavenly class (144,000) spirit beings.

The plan of salvation then is an afterthought! It is an interruption of divine plans. Naturally I have taken issue strongly with him on this. Christ's death was not an afterthought but a decision made before the foundations of the earth was laid. It was decreed in eternity before any created order. Oh, does he ever disagree with that! "Why that would violate free will." "Man sinned by free choice otherwise God would be the author of sin!"

Our salvation was a product of heavenly holiness. A state of perfect love and justice. Decreed by a triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. An eternal counsel was convened in eternity and a plan laid out without interruptions. There were no conflicts nor mysteries. There were no opposing forces in this plan. God is just and right in all His ways!

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