February 25, 2009

Free Will, Continued

Adam was born sinless but without free thought; that alone belongs to God. The reason I say 'without free thought' is that there was the test that was before Adam and Eve and free thought, determinate knowledge cannot be tested. It stands alone. Adam was like God but not equal to God. Adam was a created representative of God. All that God created he pronounced it good from the beginning with the exception of Adam and Eve. They never heard that pronouncement, "this is good!" As God's special created representatives they would be tested and they would fail and a wonderful plan of divine intervention would take place to save mankind. This was designed from the beginning and not an after thought.

There is a mystery of iniquity here isn't there? Fearfully I tread here but this needs to be said, God is not the author of sin. His determinate nature, logos, is Holy. There is no lie in Him. We cannot say where sin came from. Christ did say that Satan was a murderer from the beginning, and lived not in truth. Satan lies because he is a liar and the father of lies. John 8:44
Satan was the source of man's test. He had a bent toward destruction and a desire to kill Adam and Eve. Satan served a purpose and did not have determinate thought, logos, else he would have been equal to God. He ursuped authority and became the god of this earth, the prince of the powers of the air. He is the reason we cannot own our own believe the truth. As Paul says, human free will is a lie of the Devil. Amen, brother Paul.

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Dr. Paul W. Foltz said...

AMEN.....And Amen, bro. Charles. I hope all who read this will get the truth of it.