January 1, 2008

Adrian Rogers owed Bill Clinton an Apology!

In a sermon: "Will God Impeach America?" Adrian Rogers chastised Bill Clinton for his immoral behaviour and said he hangs his head in shame when our president goes abroad to represent America. Now we bow our head in shame when we realize that Bellevue's own associate under Adrian Rogers sodomized his own son for 12-18 months over 17 years ago without Dr Rogers knowing about it.

Did God build a hedge around Dr Rogers so that he would not know about his associate and allow him to speak so eloquently about America's hedge being lifted? Did God lift the hedge from Bellevue when he took the unrepentant Rogers to heaven for his fiery test? Does Adrian Rogers observe the mess left to Steve Gaines to straighten out?

As I have repeatedly said this is not an attack against Rogers character. His character was impeccable and he was a prince of gentlemen, good husband, father and pastor. However a good man though fervent and effectual can err theologically in ways displeasing to God.

Listen to this sermon and see for yourself, Adrian Rogers' tears in heaven as he bows his head in shame, crying for Abraham to send someone to correct his error.

Abraham says: "They won't listen."

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