January 11, 2008

Ignore A Problem And It Will Go Away

The term "sticking your head in the sand" has come to mean that you choose to ignore a bad situation, and hope that it will go away on its own. The unfortunate reality is that most of us take that action (really, a lack of action) when faced with a challenge. Sticking your head in the proverbial sand also prevents you from finding out more information that might help resolve the issue.
Never in the history of American Christianity has a Church had the problem that Bellevue had (has). This was a criminal act that should never have taken place in the worst areas of America much less in the flagship of the SBC. Bellevue missed the best of opportunities to make a stand against the worst form of homosexuality. Reverend Williams' molestation of his own young son was an unspeakably deviant action that should have been met by an outrage at all levels of the Memphis society.
Reverend Williams should be rotting in a prison confined from the rest of the inmates who would love to do to him what he did to his own son. He should have been arrested and submitted to the same public condemnation that the worst of deviants experience.
Behind the scenes forces must have worked diligently to have kept the news to a bare minimum in all news media outlets. Bellevue has influence that reaches far and deep into Memphis politics.
Dr. Rogers' legacy was protected at the expense of the Church taking a scriptural stand that will leave the SBC impotent in regards to sexual deviancy.
The gates of hell have stood firm against the feeble assault of SBC's flagship, Bellevue Baptist.
The next time you hear Steve Gaines preach against homosexuality, listen to the mockery of those in the MidSouth area. He will have to consider this if he decides to preach against homosexuality.
What if the Holy Spirit impresses him to take a bold stand, Steve Gaines will have to resist.
Oh what a mess Adrian Rogers left for Steve Gaines!


WatchingHISstory said...

Texaspastor responded to me on Christa Brown's blog: Stop Baptist Predators, "It's not about sex"
Go there and read his comment to me.

My response

I too was abused 49 years ago and it is true it is not about sex but power. It was a one time experience.

It was a display of power over a young bashful and introverted boy in the open and in front of 50-100 people laughing at me. It so devasted me that I never told anyone about it for 47 years. On new years eve 2005 I just blurted it out to my wife about 30 minutes before midnight.

On Dec 28 I had a counseling session with my SBC pastor about a strong desire to be completely bold for Jesus. He simply opened his Bible to John 15 and read a few verses, gave a little encouragement and then prayed. It all took about 45 min.

The next morning I arose early and went immediately to my Bible and read John 15 and was immediately taken in a strong spiritual experience in which the words came so alive and I visualized a 10 year old boy working his way between the disciples trying to hear what Christ was saying. As I read it was as though I was hearing Christ himself talking to his disciples.

That morning encounter awakened a relationship with Christ that altered my whole day and every person I met at work were friends like I had never known before. It was as though I lived a whole lifetime in one day!

The next morning, New Years eve, I woke with a similar experience and then that night I was trying to explain to my wife the events and I slipped to my knees and with that same open Bible I blurted out to my wife that the young boy was me and then out of nowhere I stated to my wife my concealed secret: When I was a young boy (12 to be exact) I was hit in the face with a pie at a sequicentenial celebration in front of the City courthouse. Instead of throwing pies at aldermen and the mayor someone thought that it would be cute to hit an innocent unsuspecting victim. Everyone gathered around me and laughed.

The only place I could clean off the pie from my face was what had been the colored restroom in the basement which was used by vagrants. It was filthy beyond description. I slipped away to home by myself and never told anyone because of the embrassasment.

It left me for 47 years experiencing the same feelings that you, Christa, David Brown and others have had. It is not about sex it is about power.

My experience does not compare to your experience but any trama produces the same shame and struggles with intimacy. Opening up to people and trusting are issues that many people experience for many reasons.

So as stated by Christa and David and now you: "There is not much that makes me more angry than watching someone with their own agenda trying to hijack the repercussions of someone else's pain to make their own point."

You sir insulted me in ways I could not have been able to handle before Dec 2005. Now like Christa I am back in your face and you as a pastor should be ashamed for such a statement. You see there is a cycle of abuse that does not stop. Christa and David both know that I cannot be intimidated by anyone for my cause. I admire her tenacity and I intend to be as courageous.

Many people laugh in my face when I tell them that I was hit with a pie and God delivered me supernaturally from the hurt my heart concealed. You can't laugh at a 12 year old boy who is now 60 and think that I am going to join you in laughter. it was not funny.

My deliverance has lead me into this mess at Bellevue and the theology that God has taught me is at the source of this SBC power struggle. Adrian Rogers was a power broker in that struggle and I will speak out in any venue I can find and I will not be stopped untill God is finished with me.

Charles Page
Collierville, Tennessee

January 13, 2008 9:01 PM

WatchingHISstory said...

gmommy said on Christa Brown's blog:
I wish you had some healthy boundaries. I know you believe you are right about everything you say...and say and say.

Could you please be adult enough to realize that you have been offensive and confusing yet you continue to post the same thing over and over on every blog you can find.

As much as you believe you have a profound message to share, you are not making a positive impact in your efforts.
You have become a nuisance and it is not because of your intended message.
What good are the revelations you feel are so important if you don't communicate anything other than disrespect for others, unscriptural declarations, and what appears to be very unstable behavior???
If you truly believe you have something that needs to be shared, please step back and regroup.

What and how you are communicating isn't working at all.
Take a break and rethink your message and approach, please.

YOU COME OFF LIKE A BOY WITH PIE ON HIS FACE..and I hate for you to continue this way since it is not your intent.

Please leave all the blogs alone for a while and think about the message you would like to share.
OR... continue like you have been, and never get your message across to anyone.

And remember, Christa's blog is about sexual abuse by ministers.....totally different forum from the other blogs you have been haunting.
PLEASE don't respoond to me.

January 13, 2008 10:47 PM


Christa's blog is NOT about sexual abuse of ministers . . . her last post: "It's not about sex"

You haven't even read her post and have no idea what she is talking about which is par for most of your post anyway.


11:18 PM, January 13, 2008

Watching replied

Would I hear the end of it if I said you come off like a girl who had been raped, get over it! Find yourself another blog.

What kind of a person would I be?

Yet you take liberties to mock something that was a trama for me and took 47 years to get help.
The reason that I have the same tenacity as Christa and David Brown is that I have gotten help from the Lord.

I have courage to stand alone to that which has made a mess of Christianity in Memphis.

It matters not what you think but what God thinks. You have a long hard battle with me around and you can't shut me down.


11:26 PM, January 13, 2008