January 7, 2008

Wine And Cheese Theology

As I have previously stated this blog is not for the purpose of attacking Adrian Rogers' character. His life was above reproach and he was a gentle man and good pastor. I am addressing his theology.

Perhaps Dr. Rogers was not more wrong than when he referred to Reform advocates as "wine and cheese" theologians. This analogy implies that people are bona fide epicurean gourmands. It makes you think of a snooty restaurant wine steward who looks down his nose at you because you have no ideal as to which wine to choose.

A multitude of choices is what separates the "haves" from the "have nots." The "haves" know the long list of choices that lay before them. Just drive on I-40 and see the large complex behind the three very large lighted crosses at the Appling exit. Such an impressive campus speaks volumes as to ministry choices that are not available to most of the world.

The problem is not so much tangible choices but theological choices. Dr. Rogers apparent Arminianism (falsely called Biblicism) creates a tradition that even God disallows. Choosing not to live as those common people who have no options they create a belief that makes choice possible.

In Luke 18:9-14 two men have much in common they both go to the temple to pray. They both stand to pray. They start with "God". But they are different in that one is proud in that he can compare himself to others less fortunate. He knows that he has perfectly fulfilled the rigid requirements of the law and that he is able to hold his head high in cooperation with a good God.

The other knew that he had no one to compare himself to. He was a sinner undeserving to even pray at a proper place. He stood a far way from the temple ashamed to even hold his head up.
There was nothing to cooperate with God for him. Mercy is all he stood to receive and mercy he received as Christ acknowledged his justification while ignoring the other proud pharisee.

Adrian Rogers' theology was the "wine and cheese" while the Calvinism he looked down his nose at was the answer to the man who realizes that he is utterly lost and his condition insurmountable. Election is not a choice.

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