January 26, 2008

Dr. Rogers, What Were You Thinking?

Adrian Rogers, what were you thinking when you wrote: "did God predestine some people for heaven and predestine others for hell?" (P. 3 Predestined for Hell? Absolutely Not!)

Why would any Bible-believer think that God predestines some to hell when the Bible plainly says "As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one" Didn't you understand that all are destined to hell as the result of Adam's sin? Didn't you understand that no one was acceptable for heaven?

What were you trying so feebly to say? Were you assuming that your audience was so weak-minded that they would deduct that there are people who believe that God predestinates some to hell? (There are some - hyper Calvinist)

Did it occur to you that in order to make all Calvinist look like hyper-Calvinist you left the door open for yourself to be one who doesn't believe what the Bible says about depravity?

Calvinist believe that men are hell bound because they are depraved. Their depravity is insurmountable! All are hopelessly lost without any excuse!

Oh now you are going to say, "men go to hell because they reject Christ." But doesn't that assume that men do have redeemable value and they can make a choice? How can a man who has poisonous venom under his lips choose Christ? All he will do is spit venom even when he thinks he holds the truth. He is throughly unrighteous. When you wrote your little booklet were you spouting truth or venom?

I believe it was venom. I'll bet you now have a new edition forthcomming. The problem is that LWF won't print it for you.

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