January 15, 2008

I Sympathize With Steve Gaines

Steve and Donna Gaines inherited a terrible mess that no new pastor would ever want to have to deal with. Perhaps in the history of American fundamentalism has a pastor had to carry the burden this man and his wife carry.

While I do not support nor attend Bellevue I sympathize with him and I'm sure he can get along without my sympathy. His theology is no different than Dr. Rogers, so I oppose both men's terrible theology. They have departed from healthy orthodoxy and embraced variations of Arminianism/Semi-Pelagianism. They have followed in the path of Charles Finney's Pelagianism.

However many have been unfair to Steve and Donna by assailing his character and integrity.
They desire to "kick him out" of Bellevue and run him out of town. Others also have contributed and have successfully given them a hard time.

While Gaines made some miscalculated errors which could give him serious negligent criminal charges if Paul Williams were charged there need to be due consideration to the following:

1.) The concealment was probably what any man would have done in the same situation. They may not have left Williams in the same official functions as a counselor and certainly not near children. If Dr Rogers were still living he would have taken the same approach, contrary to what his devotees say. He would not have acted quickly. No one would have challenged Dr Rogers actions if he had done the same thing.

2.) Adrian Rogers left a delicate "china shop" in which he and only he could gracefully maneuver. Steve Gaines with a rugged and awkward personality different from Rogers was like a bull in that china shop. In my opinion there were many who were not comfortable with Dr Rogers' celebrity and quickly fell in love with Gaines bullheaded manliness.

3.) Adrian Rogers hand picked him and if he were still alive and at Bellevue as Pastor-emeritus, he would still be there supporting Gaines. All those presently opposed to Gaines would not be raising a fuss about any of the past two year events.

4.) If Dr Rogers were still here Paul Williams would still be on staff at Bellevue and Chris would be suffering in silence.

These are reasonable and common conclusions.


WatchingHISstory said...

32yrs@bbc said...
Contrast that with the way the leadership handled the PW case.
There is no comparison.

This is precisely my point. This self-righteous arrogant sorry excuse for a christian, 32yrs@bbc, is typical of NASS's club.

There is no outrage at Paul Williams for the awful things he did night after night to his son for 12-18 months under Dr Rogers watch, kept secret for 17 years.

All the evil they see is that Steve Gaines concealed it for 6 months. What could he do?

This outrages me that such hypocrisy could possibly exist as is posted day after day on NBBCOF.

Anonymous said...

Here's a comment for you ... you don't know what you are talking about and you are full of crap.

WatchingHISstory said...


Thank you for your comment. It reflect the depth of the typical anti-Gaines crowd.

I look forward to more of your comments

God bless

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


WatchingHISstory said...


I'm curious, were you a devoted follower of Adrian Rogers?


Anonymous said...

Nope. Some of us shallow anti-Gaines-ers weren't Adrian worshippers.

My comments do not reflect support of Rogers; they reflect disdain for your crap.


WatchingHISstory said...

I celebrate your shallowness

I appreciate your reading my blog


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Awwww ... am I being censored for being rude, inappropriate, obnoxious, and insulting? Or is it because I am boldly standing for the truth? Either way, who on earth would do such a thing??

WatchingHISstory said...

exchange on Christra brown's blog: Stop Baptist Predators

Anonymous said...
Everything that has gone on since SG came to Bellevue definitely shows that he needs to leave. Not only has he done some things that are illegal and immoral, I think he rather tends to be a smart a** anyway. But, having said all that, and after reading many letters and articles on www.savingbellevue.com, I personally wonder if it was any better when Adrian was there. Now I know that is blasphemous to say that, and I would be considered a heretic in good Baptist circles, but I still think I am correct.

I know not everyone worshiped AR, but I sure think a lot of them did and still do. Not all people looked at him as God but many did. He ran the church. He had his group of men that did all the stuff for him, just as SG has a group that is there to fight his battles.

December 6, 2007 7:48 PM
gimommo said...
The subject and issue here is the way SG handled a confessed sexual predator that was a minister on staff.
Plenty other places to discuss issues at BBC or other SBC churches.
No matter what was or wasn't happening at BBC before SG was Sr Pastor....
he was the one that made the choice to keep the confession a secret from the congregation, to ignore Biblical qualifications for ministry and to ignore the potential danger to children and others.

December 7, 2007 12:28 AM
Anonymous said...
No, the subject and issue is how was it all hidden in the first place. Please do not think for a minute that I am defending SG, because I am not. But this crime went on for years, the man was a minister in the church, do you really think no one knew about it?

Also, AR and probably previous BBC pastors had it in place that the pastor is the authority. Everyone wants to blame Rick Warren and other pastors like him. That is not the case. AR had complete and total control over BBC -- I seriously doubt if anyone ever crossed him. A friend of mine who's husband was a deacon there during that time said that AR and his business manager made the decisions and then told the deacon body what was what. She saw no problem with this.

So it does matter what happened at BBC before now. That should be a wake up call for all SBC churches. No pastor should be the ultimate authority of any congregation.

December 7, 2007 8:38 AM
gimommo said...
I don't disagree with you. I personally tried to tell at least 10 church people when I had my traumatic experience with PW.

My point was just that this blog is for the discussion of minister sexual predators.
AND I personally won't speak about a dead man especially to speculate.

It is very very obvious from the facts presented by Christa alone that the SBC is more interested in power,control, and money than they are in truth, accountabilty, or the protection of the innocent.

This situation with BBC/SBC has caused me to leave the Baptist church completely.

December 7, 2007 10:49 AM

heartsick said...

Dr. Rogers was only a sinner saved
by grace just like all who have trusted the saving blood of Christ.
His legacy remains as an outstanding example of living on a higher plain than the majority of the human race,and his precious wife doesn't need to
have her remaining years tarnished
by criticism of her husband.
God is holy and righteous and none
of us would have a hope of heaven
without Jesus Christ sacrifice for us on the cross.
I say, "God, please forgive us all for our pettiness, and help us
to forgive others".

WatchingHISstory said...


Should I listen to you or God?
I'm getting conflicting request.

Charles Page