January 24, 2008

Did Rogers And The Catholic Priest Anger God?

Adrian Rogers and the Catholics know that God can control the human will. They know that God can regenerate who and when he pleases. They know this to be true and yet they build upon a false sensible tradition that compromises God's attribute, sovereignty.

The Catholics believe that they are in succession to Peter and have the keys to officially build the Church. The Vatican with St Peter's Basilica in Rome is the Vicar of Christ's headquarters. They also believe God has shared his sovereignty in such a way to accommodate Rome's expansion. The problem for the Catholics is that the gates of hell have prevailed.

Like the Catholics Dr Rogers believes that God cooperates with the Church by setting aside part of His sovereignty in order to accommodate the sinner's free will in deciding to follow Christ. Rogers believes that if God is left to his own sovereignty He will be like a "madman" (p. 17 Predestined for Hell? Absolutely Not!) In order to build a case against the sovereignty of God in election Dr Rogers builds a straw man argument against Calvinism except it is not an argument against Calvinism but God's sovereignty.

"Now use a little sense" he argues. This is not a devised theology by a man who is ignorant of scripture but a man following the practicality of E. Y. Mullins departure from orthodoxy in favor of a more reasonable approach to church growth. Dr Rogers implies the arguments for God's election are not rational by human standards and if the gospel is going to appeal to modern scientific man it needs a rational and sensible approach.

Rogers writes in his booklet with a strong emotional appeal to God. You must let us have our free will! You can't deprive us of this!

"How can we build a big church and broadcast your message from nation to nation if we don't have free will? How can we win the nations if we don't have human will? We will build your church! "

The problem is that there is one "itty bitty" catch in Dr Rogers progress and his name is Paul Williams. God cannot be mocked.

So the tiresome reply to me by so many devoted followers of Dr Rogers is "why can't you let a dead man rest in peace?" "This is just your silly argument for Calvinism and you are using this Bellevue mess as a means to espouse your beliefs."

No, No, No, Rogers' argument wasn't against Calvinism it was against God. Now he faces that God and he says, "sit in this chair and watch your Bellevue be destroyed. You watch it crumble."

Do I have a vendetta against Dr Rogers? No. Does God have a vendetta against him? You decide!

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